The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 20, 1989 on NBC
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Episode Summary


Ganon creates a magical mirror, which takes Zelda's reflection in the moonlight and creates an evil double of her, who promptly kidnaps the princess and puts her back into the mirror. Link intervenes and the mirror is shattered, breaking the evil Zelda's escape route. She then tricks Link into taking the Triforce out of the castle and in essence, hand deliver it to Ganon himself! Will Link notice the difference?


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Cynthia Preston

Cynthia Preston

voice of Zelda

Colin Fox

Colin Fox

voice of King Harkinian

Don Francks

Don Francks

Additional Voices

Jonathan Potts

Jonathan Potts

voice of Link

Len Carlson

Len Carlson

voice of Ganon

Elizabeth Hanna

Elizabeth Hanna

voice of Triforce of Wisdom

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Link: Whew! This Triforce is really heavy!
      Evil Zelda: (sighs and turns around kissing Link) Better now?
      Link: Yes... much better.

    • Spryte: Zelda? Are you in here? (spots mirror) Huh? Where'd this mirror come from? Yet another thing for me to dust! That princess is so vain sometimes!

    • Link: Zelda!? Oh no!
      Zelda: Link! Thats the imposter!
      Link: Hmmm, theres only one way to tell you apart, a kissing contest!
      Zelda: Why sure.
      Link: Ooohwee! Very good! Next? (Zelda slaps Link).
      Link: Thats my Zelda alright.
      Zelda: Glad you agree.

    • Link:Huuu?! Nice try Moblin but you loose! Tell Ganon, Link sends his love! Huuh?! A force field ring just what I always wanted for Christmas.

    • Link: (Link runs into Zelda from behind, knocking both of them down) Sorry. Why don't you look where I'm going?

  • NOTES (3)

    • After Link and Zelda land on the platform after defeating the Octoroks, protected by the Force-Field Ring, Zelda stands up and says, "Don't you ever do that again without telling me!" It shows a close-up of Zelda when she says this, and you can see that her clothes are the same as Zelda's evil reflection. A outzoom shot is shown when Link says, "Well, excuuuuse me, princess!" Zelda's clothes are back to normal in this shot.

    • The blue ring originated in the first Legend of Zelda game for NES, although it was not used to create magic force fields as it is in the cartoon. In the game it lessened the amount of damage Link took from enemy attacks.

    • In the beginning of the episode as he practices with his sword, Link whistles the Super Mario Bros. theme song.