The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 20, 1989 on NBC

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  • Old chestnut, but cleverly executed

    My evil twin runs home again
    Search lights look for an alibi but I'll be home by then

    -- They Might Be Giants, "My Evil Twin"

    In broad daylight, we see a Moblin scaling the walls of the Triforce tower. Doesn't this two-bit castle have *any* guards who look out for this sort of thing? Fortunately, Link is in the room, working on his moves as he whistles a couple bars from the Super Mario Bros. theme. Link sees the Moblin's shadow and quickly dispatches it. The Moblin leaves behind a blue ring, which Link pockets. Apparently in the cartoon they function as "force field rings", instead of half-damage rings. Close enough.

    Back in the Evil Jar, Ganon gives the hapless Moblin a tongue-lashing. He then muses that Link has one fatal weakness -- he'll do anything for Princess Zelda. Ganon then laughs maniacally as he decides to pull out a special bit of magic he's been saving. He produces a small glowing oval disc and sends it off to Princess Zelda's chambers. It lands in her room and materializes as an ornate full-length mirror. Sprite flies into Zelda's room, notices the mirror, and complains about having one more thing to dust. Zelda then walks in and complains about a sweater that Sprite supposedly ironed -- it appears to have a hole burnt into it. Zelda then notices the mirror; neither she nor Sprite can figure out where it came from.

    Later at night, Zelda is brushing her hair in the mirror when one of the stars in the sky suddenly focuses its light on the mirror. Zelda peers into the mirror and sees an evil, black-clad version of herself, backed by an army of Moblins. Zelda recoils in horror as the Moblins and Evil Zelda step into the room.

    Link is in his room, trying to go to sleep (how early does this guy turn in? 9? 10? He's always asleep whenever somebody attacks Zelda at night. Sheesh) when he hears Zelda scream. Being the good little hero he is, he snaps into action, but it's too late. The Moblins have Zelda wrapped up in a blanket and step through the mirror before Link arrives. Link breaks into the room, zaps three of the remaining Moblins and asks Evil Zelda if she's alright. Another Moblin emerges from behind a table and chucks a jug at Link. Link ducks it, and it breaks the mirror. Another Moblin pounces on Link from the ceiling, but Link manages to dispatch the both of them as Evil Zelda observes that she'll have to find another way to bring the Triforce back to Ganon.

    Evil Zelda quickly thanks Link for the rescue in a very exaggerated voice and gives him a long, passionate kiss as Link drops his sword in disarmament. After the rush ends, Link remarks to himself that the kiss seemed "kind of colder than I expected". Looks like Ganon hasn't done his homework here. If he'd use his crystal ball more often, he'd know that the only time Zelda kisses Link is after she's had an entire bottle of after-dinner port. Link also inquires about the new duds and walks over to kiss Evil Zelda again, but this time she trips him and steps on his chest as he's lying on the floor. "You, me and the Triforce are going to...uh...uh...attack Ganon. Right now" declares Evil Zelda.

    Under the crescent moon, we see Link and Evil Zelda riding by a lake. (Wouldn't Evil Zelda's horse notice that something is amiss? Animals tend to have this sense about them in every other cartoon I've seen. Oh well.) Link and his horse are saddled with the extremely heavy Triforce. Link asks why Evil Zelda doesn't make the Triforce float like she usually does, and Evil Zelda tells Link to shove it. Link then looks at the lake and notice that Evil Zelda isn't giving off a shadow. Interesting. Apparently doppelgangers simultaneously reflect light and allow light to go around them. Weird. (Actually, the real reason is that in German mythology, a person's shadow is thought to be a real person; this shadow is what they call the doppelganger.) Link knows the jig is up, but he doesn't want to tip his hand just yet; he's going to follow Evil Zelda into the Underworld and try to find the real Zelda. Bright lad, Link is.

    Back in the Underworld, Zelda has her hands bound to a stalagmite. Zelda does the usual "just you wait till Link gets here" bit, and Ganon decides to conjure up a crystal ball and show her the image of Link carrying the Triforce, following Evil Zelda. Zelda watches in horror, of course not knowing that Link knows that that's not her. Zelda instinctively cries out "Link! How could you mistake that two-timing skank for me?" Ganon teleports off to summon a bunch of creatures to greet Link, and Zelda uses the opportunity to grab a boomerang from her pocket and cut her bonds. How on earth does she manage to catch those razor-edged boomerangs in her hand?

    Back in the labyrinthine Underworld, Link is struggling like heck to carry the Triforce up 273 flights of stairs. Evil Zelda scowls to herself, gives Link another kiss and says "Better now?". Link and Evil Zelda are then beset from two sides by a group of Moblins and a group of Stalfos. Link makes pretty quick work of them, but at one point a loose bomb goes off, sending Link and the Triforce sprawling. When the Triforce lands, it zaps a bunch of the monsters. Cool. Before Link can pick up the loose Triforce, Evil Zelda gives him another kiss. At that moment, Zelda arrives on the scene and looks on in horror. Link stammers in embarrassment, but Zelda tells him to shut up and get on his horse, because Evil Zelda has just picked up the loose Triforce and escaped.

    Link and Zelda chase Evil Zelda through a bunch of rooms, and eventually Evil Zelda jumps through a hole in the floor that rematerializes before Link and Zelda catch up, sending Link and Zelda off on a wrong turn. Zelda runs out a door and finds herself at the edge of a ledge. Link crashes into her, and the two of them land on a staircase. Zelda spots Evil Zelda running down another staircase, and a few Octoroks start shooting at them. Link decides that pulling out his force field ring, grabbing Zelda and jumping down to a lower level will be exciting. After they land, Zelda expresses extreme unhappiness with the stunt. (Animation flub here -- they show Evil Zelda here instead of Zelda.)

    Fortunately, our heroes have caught up with Evil Zelda to the point where Zelda spots her running on the bridge directly beneath her. Despite having chewed Link out for making her jump off a bridge before, she jumps off and tackles Evil Zelda. The Triforce and both Zeldas land in a giant mud pit.

    Link arrives at the bottom to see both Zeldas caked in mud. And yes, in all seriousness, the best way for Link to tell them apart is through a kissing contest. Zelda #1 gives Link a long passionate kiss as Zelda #2 looks away in disgust. Zelda #2 then smacks him in the face, causing him to drop the sword. Before Evil Zelda can get away, Zelda picks up the loose sword and zaps Evil Zelda.

    Ganon arrives, hovering over the mud pit, and pronounces doom on Link and Zelda. Link tries to zap him a few times, and Ganon dodges the bolts by teleporting away. Link then shoots a hole in the ceiling, causing a gigantic boulder to crash into Ganon and sink him into the mud pit. Somehow this causes the Triforce to emerge from the mud pit. We then see a shaft of light shoot through the hole in the ceiling. Somehow this causes the Triforce to fly up through the ceiling, carrying Link and Zelda through the ceiling. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for all of this.

    Back up topside, Link remarks that Zelda might want to consider getting a black outfit. Zelda quickly tells him to STFU and GTFO her internets. The End.


    The whole evil mirror image deal is a common carton staple, and this episode executes it pretty well. For once, Link's quixotic quest to win a kiss from Zelda actually adds something the the plot. Also, Link actually uses his brain in this episode in distinguishing the two Zeldas.
  • This was a really great episode.

    The episode starts out as a Moblin is climbing the tower where the Link is.The moblin has two boomerangs in his mouth to fight Link with. Link is practicing his swordplay while whistling an then the Moblin attacks Link with his boomerangs but Link blocks them.He zaps the Moblin and he finds out that the Moblin lest a force field ring so Link decides to keep it.In the underworld the moblin is apologizing for his failure but Gannon does not forgive easily.When Gannon thinks a little bit he finds out Links weakness.He uses magic he was saving and he throws a disc.He commands it to go to the chamber of Princess Zelda.When thr disc went to her chamber it changed into a mirror.Spryte came in and she was looking at it.Zelda comes in and she asks were the mirror comes from but she doesn't know so she decides to keep it.When Zelda was brushong her hair a mysterious white light came and hit the mirror.A evil reflection of Zelda came and it commanded a army of Moblins to get Zelda out of there.Zelda was screaming and link woke up and he was going to her room.The moblins were tying her up and they went through the mirror.Link busted the door open to Zeldas room and was zapping moblins.A moblin threw a jar and hit the mirror.Another moblim jumped on top of Link.Link zaped the moblins and there was no more left.The evil Zelda was kissing him because he saved her.Link was happy but it seemed nothing like he expected.Link then saw how Zelda was dressed and thought it was a new look.Zelda then told Link that they will go attack Gannon.When they were riding up the river Link noticed Zelda didn't have a reflection and he got suspicious.They were approaching a underworld entrance and Gannon was welcoming Zelda into his domaing.Zelda bit Gannon on the finger.Gannon then showed Zelda that link was delivering the Triforce of Wisdom and Zelda couldn't believe it.Gannon was calling for Moblins and Stalfos to meet up with Link.They were going up some steps and Link was complaining that the Trifoorce was heavy. the evil Zelda kissed him and he was happy.The Stalfos were moving and the Link zaped two of them.One Stalfo lleft a bomb.the moblins were moving up as well and one threw a boomerang.He threw a the bomb and he was knocked out.He woke up and Stlfos were trapping him ut the triforce kiled two of them.Link zaped them all and the evil Zelda kissed him.The real Zelda was coming up to meet up with Link and she was surprised.The Evil Zelda ran with the triforce and the were follwing her.Their was a room with alot of doors and they couldn't decided which one she went.They caught up to her but they were so high up.Octoroks were firing up at them and Link used his force field ring to block the attacks.He zaped them all.Link found Zelda and evil Zelda in a lake and he didn't kno who was the real Zelda so he did a kissing contest.After they knew who was the real Zelda,Zelda zaped the evil Zelda.Gannon appeared and Link tried to zap Gannon but the ceiling broke.After getting the triforce they float out of Gannons lair.Link tells Zelda that she would look good with black and Zelda ends the episode by getting mad at Link.This a recpa I contributed into the guide.I need a few recaps to become editor.