The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 14

Ganon's Evil Tower

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 02, 2007 on NBC

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  • This is not an episode...

    This is not episode 14. There is no episode 14. This is a listing for a DVD that contains episodes one through three. There is no reason this should be listed here. In the event that you have a burning desire to know about the 3 NCircle DVD's that were released of this cartoon and which episodes are on them They are as follows:

    Gannon's Evil Tower:

    s01e01 - The Ringer

    s01e02 - Cold Spells

    s01e03 - The White Knight

    After this DVD the order of the episodes in each set, let alone on each disc, is nonsensical...

    Havoc in Hyrule:

    s01e08 - Underworld Connections

    s01e09 - Stinging a Stinger

    s01e11 - Fairies in the Spring

    s01e12 - The Missing LInk

    Bonus Episode: s01e05 - Singing for the Unicorn

    The Power of the Triforce:

    s01e06 - That Sinking Feeling

    s01e07 - Doppelganger

    s01e10 - A Hitch in the Works

    s01e13 - The Moblins are Revolting

    s01e04 - Kiss'N Tell

    I hope this is helpful for anyone else tearing their hair out trying to figure out why they don't have episode 14 in their collection.