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  • Never had a series finaale but

    speaking of 80's cartoons on the Super Mario Bros Super show there was a cartoon version of The Legend of Zelda staring Princess Zelda, hero Link and assistant Sprite... a noncannical Sonic the Hedgehog [?]shows Zelda and Link overthrowing Gannon...

    SO how is this for a series Finale?

    The Legend of Last Adventure

    Scene 1 Outer battlements of Zelda castle in ruins. Ganon the evil wizard is directing an all out assault on the Tower where the Triforce of Wisdom is held.

    A tired Link comes to Zelda with a broken shield

    Link: I'm sorry Princess I can only delay Gannons evil hoards--not stop them.

    Zelda: Come with me may be just one chance to stop Gannon once and for all

    Zelda, Link race to the vault where the triforce of Wisdom is held tended by the faithful sprite

    Zelda goes to a book case and pulls out a very old scroll.

    Zelda: Link, Sprite. This scroll belonged to Merlin the greatest wizard of them all before he vanished he left instructions that should an evil wizard ever come close to capturing the Triforce of Wisdom, then the following spell is to be used only once.

    Wall breaks open. Gannon appears with evil minnons.

    Gannon: So foolish Princess even your heroic pest cannot stop me from taking the Triforce!

    Zelda Link and Sprite: Read from Scroll {mumbling words not heard}

    A flash of bright light appears-all three{Zelda, Link and Sprite} are trapped in a white energy field! Links sword and shield have fallen to the ground at Gannons feet

    Gannon: HMMMM what scroll from Merlin {Holds it up -letters In fire appear before scroll vanishes} hAHAHA foolish ones this is a booby trap spell designed to trap those who tried to use it. Now the TRIFORCE of Wisdom is mine Mine mine {Grabs TRIforce}. As for you annoying heroic pests away you go to the land of eternal cold from which no one escapes or survives!!! {All three vanish} With the Triforce of Wisdom this land will be forever ruled by ME!!!! Now my first command destroy all who oppose my rule--without mercy!!!!HA HA HA

    Act 2 all three heros are in white cold. Their faces turn blue and pale with cold

    Sprite freezes first in a cold crystal

    Zelda: Poor faithful Sprite is already gone. Link my eyes burn with pain. I can't move my legs and my hands are getting cold and stiff. my chest feals as though a thousand swords of pain are piercing it. in a short time the cold will reach my heart. I want to confess. That I loved you from the first time. I saw you

    Link: I know Zelda I teased and infuriated you but I have loved only you and no one else soulmate

    Zelda: Oh Beloved were I to choose between ownership of a 1,000 kingdoms and your hut. I choose you soulmate.

    Zelda and Link lips meet in a kiss water tears from their eyes meet on the lips and freeze as the roses fade from their cheeks.

    The white snow covers them up totally

    Ghosts of Sprite, Zelda and Link hover over the snow covered mound.

    Zelda: . we really have become {sadly} .I failed and now my poor people will be under under Gannon iron rule.

    Link: a light in the distance....

    All three move toward a see an old wizard

    Wizard: Welcome Princess Zelda, hero Link and helpful Sprite

    Zelda: What about that

    Merlin: put that spell for you to find the result full well...

    Zelda: (Temper rising} you do could have been your

    Link:Even as a spirit Zelda cant keep her temper in check

    Merlin: My dear long as your Triforce of Wisdom was pitted against Gannon Triforce of was it could not be maintained or later one side would nearly always Power always overwealms into the mirror of the future at your you had trumiphed over Gannon...

    Zelda, Link and into mirror at alternative future and are shocked and horrified at what they Link and Spriite hold both Triforces and are in triumph over rements of Gannon. Nothing of Gannon but smoke is seen. .All three are not quite innocent fact there is a remenat of cruelity coming from their faces . echoes of Doppelganger of Zelda episode comes to mind. The Triforce of Power glows brightly while the Triforce of Wisdom dims.

    Zelda: Now that the Triforce of Power is land will be RULED FOREVER BY first all those opposed to MY RULE without mercy!!!HAHaHA

    Sprite: I'll Spy on everyone

    Link: I'll destroy everyone

    Zelda: Hail to HAVE A 1,000 Kingdoms to conquer and rule

    Link/ Sprite: Hail TO EMPRESS .

    All three laugh evily.

    Merlin: I'm sorry for thy fate but the alternative was much worse.

    Zelda: It s hard to accept but power would have corrupted us.

    Link: We would have been even worse than Gannon.

    Zelda: But what of Gannon?

    Merlin: His fate is already fixed. here is his future

    Mirror shows an old the two Triforces. a young hero burst into his throne room. Grabs Links sword and shield from the wall.

    Gannon: BAAHH For over twenty years Another would be avenger of Zelda and that energy burst. and DIE

    Hero uses Link's shield and sword to reflect burst back at Gannon which envelopes the evil wizard and the two triforces. wizard and triforces all disappear.

    Merlin: Zelda you and Link's heroic stand against Gannon inspired the rebellion against his tyranny. You three have done more to save future generations by your merely overthrowing Gannon would have accomplished.

    Zelda: Oh Merlin. I'm beginning to understand. we didn't fail after all!

    Merlin: Now you must not tarry but go on to thy eternal rest and reward

    Zelda; Link and Sprite go toward a stronger light...


    Now is that for a series Finale? :lol: :) :D :!:
  • This show along with the Zelda CD-I games are a flat out insult to one of the best game series ever and I hate it

    Words alone can't describe the amount of hatred I have for this pitiful show and how much it mocks Zelda. The Legend of Zelda cartoon would come on after The Super Mario Bros Super Show! and it followed the story of the games rather well. The story is about Link and Princess Zelda who fight the evil wizard Ganon and protect Hyrule Kingdom. While the show sounded promising for Zelda fans like me, it's actually executed in such an insulting way that will leave people's blood boiling. The stories are really stupid and are nothing like the game. Such as building a water park for Hyrule. What happened to going around and defeating Ganon and saving the kingdom? Link and Zelda are also terrible. Link is an idiotic moron who is always looking to get a kiss from Zelda adn always says every 2 minutes, Excuuuuuuse me, Princess! This is the savior of Hyrule?! What happened to Link? Zelda is no better, she is a stuck up and snobbish jerk who is always pushing everyone away and is very cold. Zelda and Link always get into fights with each other in every episode as well. Is this The Legend of Zelda or The Odd Couple? The artwork is just horrible, characters barely look nothing like their original counterparts, the colors are washed out, and some body parts are drawn wrong, like the king has humongous eyes. The animation is even aorse, lip syncs are off, and at one point there was supposed to be a pair of claws, but they are blurry. Also there is the Triforce. Ganon has the Triforce of Power and Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom. Whoever gets both can rule Hyrule, but there is one question to ask. Where is the third piece of the Triforce? There are three pieces of the Triforce and we only see 2. So where's the other one at? Overall, this is an insult to one of the greatest game franchises ever. The artwork and animation is abysmal, the stories are ridiculous, and the characters don't act like the ones that got me into Zelda. Even if you are a Zelda fan, no matter how big of a fan you are, or not a fan, this is a show you are better of not seeing at all.
  • Made me puke acid.

    What is this show? I'm expecting a mythical-fable and legendary cartoon of Zelda? What do I get?

    Plot: They have done too many damages, unnecessary additions.

    Characters: They changed their personality. Unlike in the games or the older cartoons. The voice acting is noisy and will make you fall back down while climbing a cliff.

    Action value: So lame, that it must be an action thought of a 3 year old.

    Art: Unnecessary changes, animation is okay.

    Overall: 0.7. Disgraceful to the Zelda franchise. No fable or mythical things in here. What did I got again? Oh! A pile of crap! No wonder I puked acid!
  • I love the Zelda games, I really do, so when I heard a cartoon existed, I was seriously excited. It was 2 of my favorite things in one. It should have been like turning lead to gold, more like turning gold into diarrhea... I hate this show.

    You'd think a cartoon based on a Nintendo game with storytelling, lore and medieval action would be better than anything, even Pokemon... it wasn't. This is my wasted hopes and dreams you're watching, I don't even NEED to say what's wrong with it, lame action scenes, over the top poor voice acting, bland and stock original characters and the weakest plots to anything I've ever seen. Such a great idea turned to crap...

    Nintendo, if you're reading this, please reconsider this idea, redo it and make it the way it should have been done, not a piece of ridiculous, insulting crap.
  • Kinda funny in a hilariously camp way....

    When I first heard of this I was a bit suspicious, but after watching an episode or two, I found it not as terrible as I thought. It's funny in a stupid 'this-would never-actually-happen-in-any-of-the-games' way. I mean, it's nothing like the games, for one thing, the Triforce of courage doesn't seem to exist, and the Triforce pieces can speak. Yes, that's right, SPEAK. And Link is some kind of whining weirdo, and also seems to be keen to 'have fun' with Zelda. This concept of 'wanting to have fun' continues through the series short life. His sword also seems able to shoot beams all the time, and Zelda fights alongside Link, most of the time.

    One of the weirdest, and best shows ever.
  • Zelda fans, beware.

    Nintendo's ever popular "Legend of Zelda" videogame series could have made for an excellent cartoon/Anime series, but this '80s attempt is absolutely disastrous in every way imaginable. The artwork reeks of Saturday morning cartoon fare, and the stories range from uninspired to totally inept ("The White Knight", in particular, where Zelda becomes inexplicably infatuated with some bland armored prince is especially dreadful). Furthermore, the lead characters, Link and Zelda, are neither appealing nor interesting. He's portrayed as a perverted doofus uttering a cringeworthy "Excuuuse me, Princess" while she is a shallow, and b****y heroine. When one feels no empathy for either protagonist, you know something's wrong. A continuous running gag happens between the pair where Link tries to steal a kiss from Zelda, only to have it never happen. Even the characterization of the series' central villain, Ganon, is disappointing; in the games he was a figure of awesome, intimidating evil, but here he's a painfully monodimensional cartoon baddie with zero substance. There are many other things wrong with this series as well: the editing and the direction of a majority of the action sequences is very choppy, with lots of obvious errors. It's almost as if the creators did not have a good knowledge of the characters or the enemies from the game. The only thing this series does right is in retaining some classic sound effects and familiar musical scores, but otherwise, even diehard "Zelda" fans are likely to cringe at the overall results of this travesty.
  • The cartoon that was based on the first game of the Zelda series.

    Here is my review for this cartoon based on "The Legend Of Zelda" on the NES. It is about Link and Princess Zelda going on all kinds of adventures and protecting the Triforce of Wisdom from the evil wizard Ganon and his evil army of creatures that work for him. When this cartoon aired on TV, it was originally part of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" and it was shown once every week as well. One thing I liked most about this show is that some of the sounds that were used in it were from the game it was based on (such as the sound of Link firing beams from his sword and the sound of a creature being destroyed). Fans of the newer Zelda games will probably be disappointed when they watch this cartoon, but that's only because it was based on the first Zelda game ONLY and not the sequels (That means no Triforce of Courage or Master Sword, by the way). I, however, enjoyed this cartoon because I grew up to it just like I did the show that aired it. A show that's suitable for retro-gamers is what this mainly is, and that's a really good thing to me.
  • Possibly the cheesiest cartoon of the late 80s, which is really saying something

    OK, let\'s remember one thing: The first installment of The Legend of Zelda is one of the seminal games in the history of console gaming, and it definitely deserved its own show.

    That being said, it probably deserved a stronger show than this. All things being considered, it\'s fairly faithful to the game, but it suffers greatly from cheesy plots, cheesy gimmicks and cheesy dialogue, all of which plagued most cartoons of the late 80s. I blame the original TMNT cartoon for this. Back to the review.

    The setting is the magical kingdom of Hyrule, where King Harkinian rules and Princess Zelda is the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom, a gizmo that gives Zelda various magical abilities and spouts out clues in annoying couplet form. Link, a young wandering adventurer from noplace in particular, has taken up residence in the castle and is charged with defending the Triforce from the evil wizard Ganon and his minions. Ganon currently possesses the Triforce of Power, and for the purposes of this show, whoever possesses the two Triforces will be able to rule Hyrule forever. (Eventually in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, it was revealed that there exists a third Triforce. After this cartoon ran its course, Link and Zelda merged with Captain N: The Game Master, and some of the Captain N episodes are based on Zelda II.) Given this setup, the cartoon doesn\'t fit within the chronology of the Zelda video games, but is still loosely based on the first one. The episodes tend to be fairly consistent in terms of continuity, which is a plus.

    The series is actually fairly faithful to the game in terms of gameplay. Link wields a sword, while Zelda usually fights with bows and boomerangs. Lots of monsters from the game appear -- Octoroks, Tektites, Stalfos, Moblins, Gleeoks, Vires, and even some monsters from Zelda II. Monsters zap out of existence when hit and eventually end up on Ganon\'s \"Evil Jar\" to regenerate, which would explain why monsters eventually reappear in the video game after you wipe out a whole screen. One could pick a few nits here and there -- boomerangs aren\'t supposed to be able to kill most monsters; lots of monsters should be able to take more than one hit. But when the writers do take creative license with the gameplay, it is typically effective.

    Most of the plots in this cartoon are fairly simplistic, which is unsurprising given that (1) the cartoon proper was only 14 minutes long and (2) this was the 80s. Typically Ganon hatches some plan to try to capture Zelda and/or the Triforce, and Zelda and Link try to stop him. The infamous magic reset button is a common feature of all the episodes as well, with some event (sometimes of the deus-ex-machina species) restoring everything back to normal at the end. Each show functions as a one-off episode, with no progression throughout the series. This is a little unfortunate; since both Zelda I and Zelda II had been released at the time the show aired, they could have had Link and Zelda defeating Ganon and reclaiming the Triforce of Power at the end of the season. This never explicitly happened, although it is implied to have happened by the start of the second season (on Captain N). There are a few cringe-worthy plots as well, like the one where Ganon turns Link into a frog, the one where a rival prince from another land sweeps Zelda off her feet, and others.

    Speaking of sweeping Zelda off her feet, we come to the part of the show that caused the most irritation among fans and detractors of the show: the relationship and dialogue between Zelda and Link. In the first episode, we see quite clearly that Link is attracted to Zelda, and she\'s pretty much the only thing that keeps him around in Hyrule. Unfortunately, Link is cocky, annoying and possesses the charm of a constipated orangutan. Link spends a lot of his time trying to score a kiss with Zelda, but various comic occurrences conspire to prevent this from ever happening even when Zelda does agree to indulge him.

    On the other hand, Zelda is imperious, bossy, often takes Link for granted and usually has some really caustic smackdown (verbal or otherwise) for Link whenever he tries to charm her. Typically Link can only react with his annoying trademark line \"well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess\". Seriously, if you do a count, the score is something like Zelda 273, Link 1. (The 1 is in the episode \"The Missing Link\", where it is revealed that Zelda does love Link. Sort of. A little. As a friend. Deep down in her heart, and we\'re talking REALLY deep down.) Now, this wouldn\'t be so bad, except that Link ends up trying to steal a kiss from Zelda about 5 times per episode, which gets old real quick. I guess watching this dysfunctional couple is still funny, in the sense that watching the dog hump the mailman\'s leg is funny. Maybe Link and Zelda do deserve each other. (In the Captain N continuation, Link and Zelda have apparently matured a little bit and no longer squabble with each other in such a childish manner.)

    Being able to see Link and Zelda in action (stop that -- I know what you\'re thinking) in the magical land of Hyrule is intriguing, but it\'s too bad that the campy 80s cartoon style did so much to hamper what could have been a genuinely exciting cartoon series.
  • Link is meeting Zelda. Link stays with Zelda and the blue triangle. Ganon's evil monsters have taken Zelda. Link saved Zelda from Ganon and his evil monsters. Ganon stays with the red triangle. Link is defeating the evil monsters. Do Ganon capture Link? L

    I felt good. Link is meeting Zelda. Link stays with Zelda and the blue triangle. Ganon's evil monsters have taken Zelda. Link saved Zelda from Ganon and his evil monsters. Ganon stays with the red triangle. Link is defeating the evil monsters. Do Ganon capture Link? Link was defeating Ganon.
  • The Tri-force of Courage

    How come they never mention the tri-force of courage?
    I mean, they always go around saying tri-force, and only refering to two of them, and tri means three. So i mean really, how can you not realize there is a third one?
    They should bring this show back though, because it is kickin.
  • This show makes the Zelda games look like nothing but like an alternate version of Batman starring Adam West.

    OK let me get this out of the way: I LOVE the games and I can not wait until Twilight Princess, but this show is horrible. This and the Mario show prove that most show adaptions should never be made. The only good video-game-to-TV-show stuff that is out there are the Sonic TV shows. This show is NOT related to the games except the characters. I mean name ONE time Link and Zelda battle a gleeok outside of a dungeon, Zelda a one man (or in this case one woman) army, Ganon living in a castle while using a crystal ball as a camera, and all of that other stuff in this show. This show is nothing but a bunch of crud designed to probably make people give up on the games. I am gald there are no current Zelda shows. Any fan of Zelda I know would never watch this show.
  • Link, a boy who holds the Triforce of Courage for some reason lives with Princess Zelda. Zelda and Link try to stop Gannon, a man (Piggy like thing acctually) from getting hold of the Triforce of Wisdome.

    I bought this on Ebay when I was young and it's not what I thought it would be. Kinda weird but kinda interesting. I havent finnished the series though because this show is kinda boring. And I thought Link was a young brave boy, not an older guy who only wants to make out with girls!
  • Horrable

    I can easily say that this is the WORST show i have ever seen (next to fatherhood). I got the DVD of this show thinking that it would be nice, like a remake or something like the NES zelda, but no... they had to butcher a good plot into something so CRAPPY this should be given away.
  • The game comes to life! The highly successful The Legend of Zelda series came out with a cartoon in 1989. Though the show is only half as good as the games are it is still cool to watch.

    This show was shown every Friday when the Super Mario Bros. Super Show wasn't on(Super Show was on Monday-Thursday)during the week. The show only lasted Thirteen episodes cause Mario lasted thirteen weeks. Each show contained a live action segment. Though it wasn't of Zelda it was of Super Mario Brothers, though if you look on a DVD or watch it on Yahooligans it will not be shown which I think is a rip off. The show was about Link who was a hero out to save the land of Hyrule. He lived in Princess Zelda's castle. Now this show was awesome and all I just had a few issues on it. Link was somewhat of a pervert and was always after a kiss from Zelda. Zelda was alright, and there was a fairy that was with Link and just like Link was in love but not with Zelda but with Link! And she to was trying to get a kiss from Link. The monsters were done extremely well. I just wish it lasted longer than it did. Maybe some day they will make a new one. Based off of The Legend of Zelda Twiligh Princess or of an older game. Only time will tell!
  • Legend of Zelda as a cartoon and Link is like a teenager!

    This show is awful! A W F U L! I mean why did they go and create this trash! There is only 1 (yes i said ONLY 1 positive). The one positive is that it is based on a video game. The rest of the show stinks. The voice acting sounds like it was scraped up at the last second. the animation is lazy replaying the same clip 2 to 4 times an episode. I mean come on! I know i am going to get people mad and angry at me but i really REALLY hate this show!

    LOZ stinks like butt!
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  • Crazy 80's and your crazy TV cartoons...

    Holy Cow! When I came upon this page by accident it brought back a flood of memories of back when I was a kid trying to wheedle one more half-hour of cartoons from my mom on Saturday morning/afternoon. (that's right I remember it came on around 11:30 Saturday). I used to love tis show, because it answered so many little questions for me; like "How does Link carry all that stuff?" and "Where do all those bad guys keep coming from?"
    OF course there are bitter memories too. All I can say is even in the 80's Link's catch phrase "Well Excuuuuuse Me Princess!" was grating on my childhood nerves...I can't imagine how much it could have annoyed any adult in earshot.
    I still love this show and if asked I would vote to bring it back maybe some updated stories based on the other 15 Zelda/Link games...
  • I'm really a Big Zelda Game fan but I don't like this show,really.

    This show made me really uncomfortable...
    I have to say that I'm really a Big Zelda Game fan,I have played the ocarina of time and majora's mask( No twilight princess,'cause no Wii),and i really appreciate the game.They are of high quality.It's truely enjoyable to be one of the characters in the Zelda universe,no need to say that you are the hero himself!Well,talk about link,I always think there is something deep inside,he's a true hero:modest,brave,loyal,and also not some stereotyped prince charming comes with lots of big muscles and some lame old love tale. I mean,if you ever played the ocarina of time you would understand the subtle feeling filled within it,for example the part of Link and Saria's farewell.The game is more matrue and complicated that it seems to be!
    But the show,unlike the game,is--Ooh,I'm sick of commenting that--a absolute failure.How can you ever imagine that our hero Link becomes such a stupid clown with a motto like"Excuuuuuuuse me,princess"?I was almost freaked out when I first heard that!That's Link? Our hero of Time?Well,Excuuuuuse me......
  • Well excuuuuuse me, Princess...

    The Legend of Zelda is based off the popular videogame of the same name. It aired on fridays as part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show... The bad thing about this cartoon is that it only has 12 episodes, making it really short, and in the end it is left unfinished. Link never gets a kiss from Zelda and they never manage to defeat Ganon, though in Captain N: the Game Master, it states that Ganon has been defeated and is trying to be ressurected.
    The episodes are nicely done, Link even has his own catch phrase, even though he never talks in the game, he makes up for that in the cartoon... he talks a lot...
    The action scenes are kind of slow as well, but there is also an assortment of characters not mentioned in the game, and many of the monsters also make appearences...
    I just wish this show was longer and finished...
  • This show gets by on its nostalgic charm

    It's important to remember that my score of 8.0 is based almost entirely on sentimental feelings for this show from when I watched it when I was a kid. I was 8 years old when Zelda first aired and big-time into Nintendo so it's a no-brainer that I was a big fan of the show.

    If I were seeing the show for the first time now, my review score would be much lower. No offense to any fans (I like the show too), but the show is obviously dated by today's standards. Animated shows have come a long way since the 1980's; alot of 80's cartoons look really ugly, feature bad sound quality, voice actors hamming it up etc.

    I'd be surprised to see many new adopters to this series; I'm pretty sure that most of the fan base had to have watched the series when it first aired to have any appreciation for it.

    To the show itself, I'm sure it was really hard giving the characters personality based only on the 8-bit Nintendo games of the time. Still,it's not really how I would have imagined Link as a semi-comic relief character obsessed with kissing Princess Zelda.

    Both the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Captain N the Game Master are apparently an embarrassment to Nintendo America Inc. who have basically washed their hands of these shows. They do nothing to support them and would like people to forget that they were ever made.

    I'm pretty sure that Shout Factory had to do all the work getting these series onto DVD for sale as box sets.

    In conclusion, I like this series...BUT only because I watched it when I was a kid when it debuted.
  • Two words Totally Awsome

    this show is awsome i watched it all the time when i was a little kid it was about Zelda, Ganon, Link and the Triforce of Power and Wisdom whoever held both triforces would rule Hyrule forever thats when Zelda asked Link to safe guard it from Ganon and his minions what i remember most about the show is Link always tried to steal a kiss from Zelda but always came up short anywho this was a great show and i hope it comes back on the air with new eps i would be more appreciated these days then in the 80s same with the Super Mario Bros Super Show!
  • this is a short movie with a few episodes.. there aren't alot of seasons but i hope there will come more.. it is else then the zelda games, the games are alot more fun..

    i think zelda doesn't act like a princess and link is a bit dumb... lol
    you can find the trifforce in hands of zelda and link was asked to look after zelda and the triforce cuz ganon the bad guy wants to get the triforce so he can become a evil king.
  • Follow Link as he tries to protect the part of the tri-force from being stolen. Also during the 13 episode he tries so hard to get Zelda to love him although he has a funny way of showing it.

    Overall this show is worthseeing at least once i own the complete box set and i has well as my friends have each seperatly watched in a few times. I enjoy the reference made through looks, sounds and plots to the old NES video game. I especially like the noises because many times i find that i have forgoten what Link sounds like when he shots his arrow or when a boomarang is throughen. It's definatly worth seeing is you are a fan of the show. I don't remember seeing it too much when i was a kid just that it was played with Captian N and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
  • the cartoon at started it all

    well this cartoon started the zelda game series i have got all of the epsiodes of this cartoon its a great cartton to watch when you anything to do if you like the zelda games than you would like this cartoon the thing i dont get is link has brown hair and in the games he has blondle hair. there are 13 epsiodes of this cartoon and they also made cap.n which some of epsiodes are after the the legend of zelda if you want to add this to your collection than it will be a part of your zelda collection
  • From TV to DVD in 20 years! One of the best/corniest/well unknown shows out of the 80s

    Okay, aside from all the bad crittiques I have seen on this series, I really enjoyed the series. I remembered a lot of the episodes, though a lot of the graphical errors, such as the wrong characters saying lines, or the slow down on action sequences would have made it poor back then. I think it gives the series character! With such lines as Well EXCUSE me, Princess! though is what probably made it tough. Trying to squeeze that and a kiss attempt into each episode seemed to push it a bit. The acting was cornball worthy, but I still had fun with one of my favorite video games. These days the Zelda franchise has gotten too dark.

    From the tip of the muzzle I have to tell you, LoZ rules!
  • rules

    The Legend of Zelda was one of the last 80s style cartoons to be produced. Sure the show had it's problems like the excessive use of the phrase "Well, excuss me princess." Besides that, the show was a pretty good translation of the original game. Showcasing all the villians of the game will kept all hardcore fan in glee. One major notation should be that Ganon seemed to have the feel of both Skeletor and Mum-ra. After reveiwing the dvd collection, I felt wanting to see more and beleiving that this show was cut short. It would of been nice to have seen what a new season would have brought. Or maybe it would be nice to see an updated version now with more modern veiws.

  • This a great show I wonder why they canceled it.

    The people who created this show were doing a good job.I think they could have done a great job.A example may be is to put the triforce of power,wisdom,and courage.Maybe they coulsd have put Epona the horse or Hyrule market.Another improvement they could make is make Gannon a real person instead of a pig and put his home town the Gerudo valley or Gerudo fortress.Don't get me wrong this a great show one of the best video game cartoon shows ever.I just think they could have at least let Link have a real shield.
    They should bring back the old (excuuuuuuuuuuse me princess)That phrase always makes me smile.
    So it would be good if they bring it back with a tougher Link.
  • Soooooo funny!

    I love the Legend of Zelda games, and when I found out about this show I immediately downloaded all the episodes. I find it hilarious how they use sound effects from the game all the time! And why does Link have brown hair? He also hits on every girl in the show. They made him into such a perv! Also, Zelda is not supposed to be a fighter! What\'s that all about? Anyway, a very very funny show if you have played the games.
  • Anyone who grow up in the late 80s knew that Nintendo ruled with an iron fist.

    The Legend of Zelda was one of the last 80s style cartoons to be produced. Sure the show had it's problems like the excessive use of the phrase "Well, excuss me princess." Besides that, the show was a pretty good translation of the original game. Showcasing all the villians of the game will kept all hardcore fan in glee. One major notation should be that Ganon seemed to have the feel of both Skeletor and Mum-ra. After reveiwing the dvd collection, I felt wanting to see more and beleiving that this show was cut short. It would of been nice to have seen what a new season would have brought. Or maybe it would be nice to see an updated version now with more modern veiws.
  • It's a good show, what can I say.

    The Legend of Zelda was a good show. It aired on Fridays as a segment of the Super Mario Bros Super Show replacing the Super Mario Bros cartoon segments. The Legend of Zelda cartoon isn't as good as the Mario and Captain N cartoons because Link is always trying to sneak a kiss from Zelda and she never kisses him. Sprite the Fairy however likes Link but Link doesn't like her. Also in every episode Link uses the line "Excuse me, Princess", what's up with that? It also has Gannon trying to get the Tryforce of Wisdom.

    This show only has two tryforces, the tryforce of wisdom and the tryforce of power. But what about the Tryforce of courage? The Tryforce of Courage doesn't apper in the cartoon series.

    Comic company Valiant made a series of Zelda comics which has all three tryforces but still has Link trying to sneak a kiss from Zelda and Zelda never kisses him. The comics I have doesn't have Link saying his line, "Excuse me Princess". Sprite the Fairy apparently appers in the comics but the ones I have doesn't have Sprite in it.

    Also there is four episodes of Captain N that Link and Zelda appers in and those episodes make a better example to the Legend of Zelda video games than the actual Zelda cartoon because Link isn't always trying to sneak a kiss from Zelda and Zelda actually does kiss him. It has Gannon but he is bigger than the actual Zelda cartoon but it does have all three tryforces. If you don't like the Zelda cartoon then you might still like the Captain N episodes that Link and Zelda appers in, they're not like the actual Zelda cartoon, seriously.

    Overall this is a pretty good cartoon, maybe not as good as the Captain N and Mario cartoons but still pretty good, because this show doesn't make as good example of the video games than the Captain N episodes that Link and Zelda appers in I am giving this show a 7.7 out of 10.
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