The Legend of Zelda

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • Zelda fans, beware.

    Nintendo's ever popular "Legend of Zelda" videogame series could have made for an excellent cartoon/Anime series, but this '80s attempt is absolutely disastrous in every way imaginable. The artwork reeks of Saturday morning cartoon fare, and the stories range from uninspired to totally inept ("The White Knight", in particular, where Zelda becomes inexplicably infatuated with some bland armored prince is especially dreadful). Furthermore, the lead characters, Link and Zelda, are neither appealing nor interesting. He's portrayed as a perverted doofus uttering a cringeworthy "Excuuuse me, Princess" while she is a shallow, and b****y heroine. When one feels no empathy for either protagonist, you know something's wrong. A continuous running gag happens between the pair where Link tries to steal a kiss from Zelda, only to have it never happen. Even the characterization of the series' central villain, Ganon, is disappointing; in the games he was a figure of awesome, intimidating evil, but here he's a painfully monodimensional cartoon baddie with zero substance. There are many other things wrong with this series as well: the editing and the direction of a majority of the action sequences is very choppy, with lots of obvious errors. It's almost as if the creators did not have a good knowledge of the characters or the enemies from the game. The only thing this series does right is in retaining some classic sound effects and familiar musical scores, but otherwise, even diehard "Zelda" fans are likely to cringe at the overall results of this travesty.