The Legend of Zelda

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • This show along with the Zelda CD-I games are a flat out insult to one of the best game series ever and I hate it

    Words alone can't describe the amount of hatred I have for this pitiful show and how much it mocks Zelda. The Legend of Zelda cartoon would come on after The Super Mario Bros Super Show! and it followed the story of the games rather well. The story is about Link and Princess Zelda who fight the evil wizard Ganon and protect Hyrule Kingdom. While the show sounded promising for Zelda fans like me, it's actually executed in such an insulting way that will leave people's blood boiling. The stories are really stupid and are nothing like the game. Such as building a water park for Hyrule. What happened to going around and defeating Ganon and saving the kingdom? Link and Zelda are also terrible. Link is an idiotic moron who is always looking to get a kiss from Zelda adn always says every 2 minutes, Excuuuuuuse me, Princess! This is the savior of Hyrule?! What happened to Link? Zelda is no better, she is a stuck up and snobbish jerk who is always pushing everyone away and is very cold. Zelda and Link always get into fights with each other in every episode as well. Is this The Legend of Zelda or The Odd Couple? The artwork is just horrible, characters barely look nothing like their original counterparts, the colors are washed out, and some body parts are drawn wrong, like the king has humongous eyes. The animation is even aorse, lip syncs are off, and at one point there was supposed to be a pair of claws, but they are blurry. Also there is the Triforce. Ganon has the Triforce of Power and Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom. Whoever gets both can rule Hyrule, but there is one question to ask. Where is the third piece of the Triforce? There are three pieces of the Triforce and we only see 2. So where's the other one at? Overall, this is an insult to one of the greatest game franchises ever. The artwork and animation is abysmal, the stories are ridiculous, and the characters don't act like the ones that got me into Zelda. Even if you are a Zelda fan, no matter how big of a fan you are, or not a fan, this is a show you are better of not seeing at all.
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