The Legend of Zelda - Season 1

NBC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide


  • The Ringer
    Episode 1

    Ganon receives word that there is an amateur wizarding contest in Hyrule. After his Moblins bungled an attempt for the Triforce, he disguises himself as a magician in order to get close enough to steal it! Will Zelda and Link learn about the evil Wizard's presence before it's too late?

  • Cold Spells
    Episode 2

    The time for Spring Cleaning reaches Hyrule, and Zelda has the entire castle on their chores, including Link and Spryte. Link fakes up a quick cold in order to get out of chores, and a sympathetic Spryte goes to buy him some fruit to feel better. But Ganon uses a spell to make Spryte's magic go haywire in order for him to have a chance to grab the Triforce! Will the heroes catch him in time? Or will they be too wrapped up in their cleaning to do a thing?

  • The White Knight
    Episode 3

    Prince Facade of Arcadia comes to Hyrule, and immediately attracts the eye of Zelda who falls head over heels for the handsome prince. Link, feeling dejected quits being protector of Hyrule to give Fascade a chance at Zelda. But Ganon knows Facade's secret weakness: his vanity. Knowing that Facade wouldn't get dirty even to save a princess, he sends a creature to drag Zelda into the swamps! Will Link save her before she becomes a captive of the evil Ganon?

  • Kiss'N Tell
    Episode 4

    After Link and Zelda save a beautiful dark haired maiden from a Gleeok, she rewards our hero with a kiss, much to Zelda's annoyance. But when the girl turns out to be a Gibdo in disguise, Link finds he's been turned into a frog by a magic spell! After Ganon kidnaps Zelda, Spryte and Link learn from the Triforce of Wisdom that the Witch of Walls would know of a cure that will return Link to normal in order to save Zelda. Will he do it? Or will he stay stuck as a frog beast for the rest of his life?

  • 10/6/89

    While trying to get a kiss from Princess Zelda, King Harkinnian is kidnapped by Ganon on the most peculiar of mounts:a Unicorn. When they go to rescue the good king, they meet a girl named Sing to whom the unicorn belongs. Time is ticking for Harkinnian who stands before an opening trap door into a pit of lava. Will our heroes be able to rescue the king before he is killed by Ganon?

  • 10/13/89

    Leaving the castle to directly attack Ganon after his latest attempt to attack Hyrule, Link and Zelda witness the castle sink into the ground with Spryte and Harkinnian inside! They, however have an advantage; the Triforce of Wisdom was with Zelda the whole time. With its sage advice, they go to destroy the magic magnet responsible for the mess and take back the Triforce of Power. Can they do it?

  • Doppelganger
    Episode 7

    Ganon creates a magical mirror, which takes Zelda's reflection in the moonlight and creates an evil double of her, who promptly kidnaps the princess and puts her back into the mirror. Link intervenes and the mirror is shattered, breaking the evil Zelda's escape route. She then tricks Link into taking the Triforce out of the castle and in essence, hand deliver it to Ganon himself! Will Link notice the difference?

  • 10/27/89

    Link's latest stunt to get a kiss from Zelda nearly works until she notices three Vires coming to take the Triforce! After shattering it with a Bomb, the Vires take the pieces and try to run. Defeating one, Zelda has Link zap into the recovered piece to destroy the Vires holding the other two, causing them to drop into different places in Gannon's underworld! Now, the heroes must race against the dark Wizard to collect the two pieces in time, will they be able to do it?

  • Stinging a Stinger
    Episode 9

    Link "saves" Sleazenose from a gang and is then conned into giving up his sword for a totally useless one. Link only realizes that just before he and Zelda are captured by Ganon. Even worse, Sleazenose offers Ganon Link's sword for the right price, but the evil wizard is in no mood to bargain. He steals the sword and sets out to capture the Triforce of Wisdom. To escape the Underworld and foil Ganon, Link, Zelda and the untrustworthy Sleazenose must work together and come up with a more inventive strategy than usual.

  • Hitch in the Works
    Episode 10
    Link is tasked with doing various chores around the castle and meets up with the castle's handyman and his magical minion, a malfunctioning robotic creature that falls to pieces no matter what he tries. Meanwhile Gannon fashions a necklace meant for Zelda to make her obey his commands, including a marriage proposal which would get him what he wants most; the Triforce of Wisdom! Will Link be handy enough to save the day again?moreless
  • 11/17/89

    It is a hot day in Hyrule and King Harkinian is building a water park for his people to cool off. During construction a strange water creature emerged from the spring. Link and Zelda go to the waterpark to check things out. They saw the creatures and now confirm the rumors. King Harkinian arrives at the water park and gets kidnapped by a water creature. Link's and Zelda's last hope is to ask the Triforce of Wisdom for help.

  • The Missing Link
    Episode 12

    Ganon and his minions appear in the castle's courtyard with an intent of kidnapping Princess Zelda with a powerful spell. However, using the Triforce's magic, Zelda deflects the bolt which bounces off the castle battlements. Link, who has arrived is struck with the bolt and is sent to Ganon's evil jar! To make matters worse, Link's spirit is left behind, and only Zelda can see him! Now she has to go on a rescue mission to save Link's body, can she do it? Even with Link's help?

  • 12/1/89

    Ganon has ordered another theft attempt on the Triforce of Wisdom, but his underlings' own stupidity means Link doesn't even have to lift a finger. Ganon is quite displeased with this failure, but so are his underlings – who believe they could do better without him in charge. One of the Moblins uses Ganon's new Capture Staff against him – trapping him in a nearly impervious bubble. Ganon is then sent tumbling into a bottomless pit, while his ex-underlings plot revenge on Link and Zelda. A massive army gathers outside of the castle, but they prove so incompetent, there is nothing to worry about. Link and Zelda learn that Ganon has been overthrown, and they intend to finally steal the Triforce of Power out of the Underword. However, Ganon is working on regaining his freedom and gaining revenge.

  • Ganon's Evil Tower
    Ganon's Evil Tower
    Episode 14

    Ganon's Evil Tower is a compilation DVD that includes three episodes of The Legend of Zelda show and two episodes of Sonic Underground.