The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 9

Stinging a Stinger

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 03, 1989 on NBC

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  • This is agreat episode like no other!

    The episode starts off when Link shows up riding a horse picking the petals off a flower to see if Zelda likes him.He gets "she loves me not" and he gets mad but suddenly he hears a shreik for help.When he arrives Link sees bandits threatening a old man.Link defeats the bandits easily whit his trusty sword.The old man thanks Link with a new sword.He happily accepts it but he remembered that he had already his Crisissword.He trades his sword with the other one because the old man told him that attracted young ladys to him.When Link leaves the bandits return and the old man gives him a bomus tip for conning Link.Link then hears Zelda scream and he rushes to the rescue.The Patras attack Link and he blocks with his sword but his sword breaks.He gits hit ance and he realizes that he was conned into getting a new sword.Gannon then arrives and he kidnaps Zelda and Link and takes them to the underworld.Zelda is arguing with Link and then suddenly a Moblin appears to tell Gannon that someone is visiting.Gannon lets him come in and he realizes it is the old man who conned him into giving his sword.The old man offers Gannon the sword he tok from Link.He wants 1,000 ruppes for it but Gannon decides to take by force.They are taken to be fed to Gohma and link still tries to get a kiss from Zelda.Gohma is ready for dinner but Link and Zelda are trying to stop it and they tie Gohma up so it won't move.The old man succesfully opened the gate and he tried to escape but Link catches him red handed.They ask the Triforce of Wisdom for advice.It tells it to use natural weapons.They prepare to make trps and get bugs.The old man appears before Gannon and tells him he has a present.He says it is the Triforce of Wisdom and Gannon gets excited.When he opens the box bees come out.Link swings in to get his sword back.Zelda catapults a bee nest.Gannon is fleeing and Zelda wants to kiss Link but changes her mind.The old man stole the Triforce of Wisdom but Spryte cast a spell so he tought it was the Triforce.It was really a box with ants in it and he went running away.Zelda and Link start laughing at the old man and oce again the land of Hyrule has been saved.I will submit more recaps to become editor.