The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 6

That Sinking Feeling

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 13, 1989 on NBC

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  • This was a great episode with it's downs and ups.

    This episode starts out at the castle of Hyrule.Link is showing Zelda a place he discovered.When they finally arrived Zelda looked and saw beatiful meadow and she was astounded.She liked it and she pinned Link to the ground and she wanted to kiss Link so badly.When they were about to kiss the ground was shaking alot and it was a entrace to the underworld.Link was mad because they couldn't wait to attack.Link took out his sword and Zelda got handed a magical boomerang.Tektites were throwing webs.Zelda jumped over them and 4 tektites jumped to the air and she got one of them with her magic boomerang.There was to many for her to handle so she waited for boomerang and she threw at on of them and the tektite dodged it.The tektites were throwing webs at Zelda and she dodged one of them but then she got tangled easily.Link was fighting other Tektites and Link saw that Zelda was being dragged of to the underworld.Link zapped two of them but then one came from behind him.He was tripped and they got a hold of his sword.All the Tektites wer teaming up on him and Link couldn't get free.Link got furious that he was fighting back with all his might.He got a Tektite and hit other ones to fall in the underworld.The remaining two had been thrown to have the other ones to fall in the underworld.Link succesfuly zapped the last one but the the entrace was going down and Zeldas head was in the way so Link was running to drag her out of there.Link made Zelda mad so he untied her.Link wanted a kiss from Zelda and she was going to do it but the statue was sinking to the underworld.Zelda was so mad that she wanted to go fight Gannon and Link tought she was joking.It seemed that gannon had a magical magnet that made items from the upper world went to the underworld.they were using the magnet to drag Link and Zelda to the underworld.Gannon waws going to use the magnet to sink down the kingdom of Hyrule so he can gain the Triforce.In Hyrule Zelda and Link were going to use the triforce to defeat Gannon once and for all.When they were going out of the castle the castle was sinking down and Zelda wanted to Link to do something to prevent that from happening.Link arrived to late to save the castle.They were immeaditaly going to the underworld to save the castle.Gannon was sure that the triforce was inside the castle.King Harkinian knew that the triforce wasn't in the castle so they were afraid that Gannon was going to be mad.Link used a bomb to open a underworld entrace.In the castle of Hyrule Gannon was furious that the triforce wasn't thereGannon was destroying verything and the king was hiding in a suit of armor so he wouldn't be spotted.Link was taking care of Stalfos and they needed to go high places so they used Zeldas magic and she created some stairs.A giant warriorcame with a sword and shield so link was going to challenge it.Link was on the ground but he tripped the monster and he zapped it and it dropped a magic bracelet.meanwhile Gannno was still destroying everything and the King was hiding in a bed wondering were was Link and Zelda.Link was insulting Gannon and they saw the triforce of power so Zelda was going for it while Link was giong to fight Gannon.Gannon appeared and he zapped something at Zelda and she dodged it.Link was zapping at him and Gannon paralyzed Link.Zelda was using her own magic to save Link and Gnono was astounded that Zelda was using magic.Gannon decided to teach her real magic.Gannon was using a magetic magic to drag her to him.Link used the magic bracelet to free himself from some chains and he chained Gannon and threw him to the magnet.The magnet was sending the castle to the upper world.Zelda wanted to get the triforce of power but there was no time so Link stopped her.Link jumped to the castle and Gannon transported to another place because the magic magnet was going to explode.Link wanted a kiss so King Harkinian kissed Link in the cheek.Link was surprised.The king and Zelda were laughing at him.So the episode ended and the kingdom of hyrule was saved once again. This was the episode recap I posted for this episode.I hope to be editor one day.
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