The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 12

The Missing Link

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 24, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the courtyard, Zelda picks some flowers. Suddenly, a port opens up and moblins with energized arrows come out. Link hears Zelda's scream and gets his sword and shield and then he goes to rescue her. He and the moblins start trying to hit each other with energy. Link asks if Zelda is alright and she says she is. The moblins aim their attacks at Zelda but Link guards her. Ganon comes out of the portal next. Zelda grabs Link's shield and goes away to get the Triforce while Link stalls. Link has a harder time not getting hit with their attacks but he manages not to get hit. Ganon says that he plans to trap Zelda in his evil jar. The princess comes out of the castle with the Triforce at hand and destroys a few on Ganon's henchmen. Ganon then releases an attack to put her in the jar but Zelda manages to deflect it, much to Ganon's surprise. The attack bounces all over the area and it eventually hits Link destroying him. Ganon demands Zelda give him the Triforce or else she will never see Link again. He then leaves through the portal he came in and the portal disappears.
Zelda starts crying because she believes Link has died, but he appears to her in ghost form. She realizes that since the attack of Ganon's bounced around all over the place, the attack got weaker. It only had taken Link's body, but not his spirit. Spryte then comes over and she doesn't see Link at all. Zelda realizes she is the only one that can see him. She tells Spryte to put the Triforce back in the castle. Link & Zelda get ready to get the body back, but Link finds out he cannot pick up his sword. Zelda grabs the sword and plans on getting it back her. Link than tries to get a kiss, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Moblin's try to wake Link up (not knowing his spirit is not inside him) but nothing happens. Ganon doesn't care as Zelda will still have to give him the Triforce for her to have Link back.
Zelda and Link's Spirit journey to Ganon's lair to get back Link's body. The door closes on Link and Zelda tries to open it for him but he can just pass through walls, thus scaring Zelda a little. Ganon's henchmen come out and Link tries to go after them but they just run through him. Zelda tries to beat them by shooting energy blasts from the sword using only one hand to hold the sword, but she misses them completely. Link tells her to aim and to use both hands. One creature comes right at Zelda and she blasts it away. There is just one more left and he grabs Zelda. He overhears her talking to Link, and Link shouts in his ear to get him scared. Then, Zelda shoots him and he is gone. Link tries again to get a kiss from her and to provoke him, she tries to kiss him but it doesn't work since he is a ghost, getting Link mad. Zelda tells him that Ganon's lair is close.
The creature that heard Link tells Ganon what he heard. He also tells him only Zelda can see Link. Ganon gets very angry that he only got Link's body. He also wonders why only Zelda can see him and figures out the reason: she could only see him because she is in love with him. Zelda & Link overheard him saying that and Link starts joking around with Zelda. Then, he jumps up and yelled out "Zelda loves me!" so Ganon could hear. Ganon summons some creatures to attack Zelda. Link asks her to stall for a while. Zelda jumps down from the platform she was on and knocked over a torch, scaring away Ganon's creatures. It also starts a fire. She manages to destroy only one of Ganon's men. Meanwhile, Link goes inside the jar and goes inside his body. He then grabs the Moblin who was guarding his body and forces him to give him a bomb. Elsewhere, Zelda gets captured. Link then uses the bomb to blast his way out of the jar and the substance that was in it came out and swept Ganon away. Zelda throws Link his sword and he blasts away the remaining henchmen.
The jar goes haywire and starts destroying the lair. They get out of there and go back to the castle. Since Link saved her, Zelda plans on giving him a kiss but the ground underneath him falls and he doesn't get it. Link is upset that something always happens just when he is about to get a kiss. Zelda just has to laugh.