The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 13

The Moblins are Revolting

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 01, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Two moblins sneak into the castle. Then, two gorbians try to get in as well from the top of the castle. They run in to grab the Triforce but they end up crashing into each other. Link hears the crash wonders what is going on. The two types of creatures fight and they all end up destroying each other by getting hit with boomerangs and arrows. They are taken back to Ganon's jar where they argue. Ganon didn't want to hear it and shocked all four of them. He then leaves. The moblins get to talking with the other creatures and they all agree it was Ganon's fault for making a stupid plan. They should have snuck in the castle from below. They deide to not listen to Ganon anymore and to revolt. One moblin knows just how to do that and tells the others.
Meanwhile, Ganon is happy that his capture staff is finished and teleports his way to the jar and wants to use one of the creatures as a test subject. Ganon chooses one of the moblins. That moblin gets trapped in a bubble that is impervious to magic. The only thing that can free him is the Triforce of Power and Ganon uses it to free the creature. He plans on using it against Zelda. However, the moblin steals the capture staff and uses it on Ganon. He tries to teleport out but it is impervious to magic. Ganon then tries to attack the moblin but it reflects off the inside of the bubble and hits him. To finish Ganon off, the moblin throws Ganon down the bottomless pit. Then, the creature takes the top off on the jar and all of the creatures that were in there are let out. The moblin that freed everyone gives another moblin the capture staff to hold but he end up breaking it. Two giant crabs grab the jar and they carry it. The lead moblin tells everyone that they are now going to get revenge on Link & Zelda for defeating them in the past.
In Zelda's castle, Link tries to tell the princess what happened earlier in the day. Just then, a rock crashes into the room with a note attached to it. It says that Zelda should surrender or she will be destroyed, and it was written by "The Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters". Zelda looks out her window and sees that all the monsters are outside the castle waiting for them to give up. She is confused why Ganon isn't with them. Meanwhile, in the bottomless pit, Ganon realizes that his magic cannot be used to get outside the bubble but it will work inside of it. He makes a spell to make the bubble float so he can get out of there. Back at the castle, the lead moblin tries to get some monsters to ram the castle gates down but they miss their cue and it fails. Link is about to go down and fight them but Zelda stops him saying he may not be needed. They watch what they do next. The monsters send octobombers to attack the castle from the sky but the lead moblin tells skeleton-creatures to fire arrows that end up hitting the octobombers! Link laughs at them because they are beating themselves. Zelda suggests they find out what Ganon is up to.
Some monsters try getting to the top part of the castle by ladder but it breaks on them. The lead moblin tries to get some people to fire catapults but the fire to early. The thing they were catapulting hit the lead moblin and he went flying inside the castle. He ends up landing in the fountain. Link goes to him saying this is Ganon's stupidest plan yet but the moblin informs them that they got rid of Ganon so they are in charge. Link & Zelda are surprised and decide that since Ganon is gone it is the perfect time to get his Triforce. Link blasts him with his sword (and take his bomb) and they go to a portal to the underworld. Meanwhile, Ganon is almost to the top. Elsewhere, Link & Zelda get to the underworld and they find the place deserted. A creature than comes out to attack Link. The attacks from his sword won't work but Zelda throws the bomb they stole from the moblin into the creature's mouth and it goes away. Zelda is about to take the Triforce, which would mean that they would be safe forever, but Ganon (still in the bubble) stops them. Link laughs at him and starts throwing the bubble around. Zelda tells him to stop but Link tells her to lighten up. They play catch for a while but they accidentally throw Ganon into the Triforce and he breaks free. He then attacks them but they both run away. He warns them that he would chase after them but he has other business to take care of.
At the castle, all of the monsters are pretty much defeated. A white gust of wind comes and takes all of them away to Ganon's castle. Ganon yells at them and since his castle is dirty, he demands he clean it up with their tongues. Meanwhile, Zelda is mad at Link because they almost had the Triforce. Link realizes it was his fault but he tries to make a joke out of it. Zelda gets very angry and puts a bucket on Link's head. Even though he messed up, Link is glad he still has a job saving Zelda.

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