The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 8

Underworld Connections

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 27, 1989 on NBC

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  • Probably the closest the series ever got to the actual Legend of Zelda game

    At night in the castle, Link is fast asleep in his bed when he suddenly gets up, sleepwalks over to the other side of the room, grabs a bow, arrow and rope, and walks over to the window.

    Meanwhile Zelda is in her room, wearing a robe, showing a lot of cleavage, reading a book and sipping her third or fourth Pink Flamingo of the night when she is startled by the sound of an arrow lodging in her window. She turns around to see Link tightroping his way over to her room. (Nitpicky continuity error here -- in previous episodes, Zelda's room has been a couple floors below Link's, which would mean that Link should be able to slide down effortlessly over to Zelda's window.) Zelda quickly assesses the situation, puts on her "I am not amused" face and waits for Link to arrive so she can toss the rest of her drink at him. Link suddenly awakens, takes a look at the ground, and the Cartoon Law of Gravity kicks in.

    Zelda scolds him for trying to sneak into her room and score a quick good-night kiss. As he's holding on to the rope, Link frantically explains that he was sleepwalking, but pulls out an amazing save with a really sappy line that doesn't deserve to be repeated. Just as Zelda is about to reward Link with a kiss, we hear a group of three Vires heading off to the Triforce room. It looks like they're trying to bomb it into smaller chunks that they can carry. Somehow Link is able to sprint back to the Triforce chamber *on the rope*, but he's too late -- the bomb blast blows the Triforce into three pieces and knocks him out the window. While he's plummeting to his doom, Zelda pulls the arrow out of her window, grabs the rope, and swoops down to catch Link. Now unless Zelda got a *really* big kick off her ledge, this is physically impossible, as Zelda can't possibly swoop down faster than Link is falling. Maybe they could have had Link being blown upwards, then falling. Whatever. They tumble back up onto a bridge, and Link and Zelda run back into the Triforce chamber. Two of the Vires are getting away, but he grabs onto the third Triforce piece. The Vire drags him and the Triforce piece out the window, but Link picks up his sword and catches his feet on the windowsill. He zaps the Vire and reclaims the third Triforce piece, then tumbles out the window (still holding onto the windowsill with his feet) as the other two Vires get away and head off in different directions.

    Zelda suggests that since the pieces of the Triforce are magically linked, maybe Link can shoot her Triforce piece and zap the to Vires. We see the Vires go poof and drop the Triforce pieces, one at the bottom of a waterfall and one in a volcanic cavern. Zelda touches the Triforce, and notices that one side feels wet and another side feels hot to the touch. Link seems satisfied with the current situation and wants to go back to bed, but Zelda tells him to get his ass in gear and meet her downstairs in five minutes.

    Back in Death Mountain, Ganon is rather upset that the Vires don't remember where they dropped the Triforce pieces in the Underworld. However, he decides that since Link and Zelda will no doubt be searching for them, he'll just keep tabs on them.

    Link and Zelda head off to a small pond which Zelda claims is an underworld entrance. Link is skeptical, but Zelda shoots a magic beam at the pond, causing the water to drain and revealing a staircase. Meanwhile, Ganon summons a bunch of monsters to go search for Link and Zelda.

    Link and Zelda find themselves in a Escher-esque maze of bridges and passages. Zelda pulls out a magic compass and suggests that they go through Door #1. Link opens the door to reveal a washing machine and a bunch of Ropes. Link zaps a bunch of them before Zelda can remind him that shooting them will broadcast their location to Ganon when the Ropes rematerialize in Ganon's Evil Jar. The last couple Ropes manage to tie up Link and are about to strangle him, so Zelda reluctantly zaps them with her boomerang. Link picks up a bomb that one of the Ropes dropped, and he and Zelda head off.

    Ganon deduces that Link and Zelda are headed for the Black Falls, and decides to plan a surprise for them.

    Atop the Black Falls, the compass indicates that the Triforce piece is in the pool at the bottom of the falls. Link takes off his equipment but is still a little bit hesitant, so Zelda gives him a gentle nudge into the pool. Link dives to the bottom of the pool, picks up the loose Triforce piece, and is soon beset by an Aquamentus. Unarmed, Link struggles like heck with the beast, but Zelda grabs the bomb from Link's gear and blows up the Aquamentus. Zelda grabs the rest of Link's gear scurries down to the bottom of the falls to meet Link, where Link presents the second Triforce piece to Zelda.

    Link and Zelda make their way to the volcanic cavern and run into a Gibdo. The Gibdo tries to pin Zelda up against a wall, so Link tries to pull it away. It goes after Link, so Link gives it a couple quick zaps and sends it back to the Evil Jar. Zelda once again tells him to knock it off and sends him into the cavern to find the last Triforce piece. Link pulls out his shield to protect himself from the flames and quickly locates the missing piece. He carefully picks it up with his sword when Ganon appears and does his usual you're-dead-the-Triforce-is-mine dealie. Link quickly shovels the Triforce piece into Ganon's hands. Ganon, not realizing how well the Triforce conducts heat, tries to catch it and does the whole hot-potato thing with it. He eventually drops it back to Link, who shovels it over to Zelda to restore the Triforce.

    Not ready to concede defeat so easily, Ganon tries to zap Zelda from the opposite side of the cavern. Link quickly jumps in the way, deflects the blasts with his shield, and zaps Ganon twice. Of course, Link has to mouth off about it to Ganon instead of finishing him off, giving Ganon enough time to conjure up a wall of fire to surround Link. Fortunately, Zelda is still armed and finishes Ganon off with her boomerang. Before Ganon blips out, he sends a huge tongue of flame after Zelda. Somehow Link is able to jump on his shield, ride the flames, pick up Zelda, and surf on out of the Underworld. The flames must have chased them a long way, since Link and Zelda reemerge from the same pool where they entered the Underworld. Link and Zelda end up sprawled on the ground, battered and dirty but safe, with Triforce in hand. The End.


    This is an exciting, action-packed episode. Of all the episodes, it probably resembles the video game the most; in the video game, Link is scurrying around the Underworld to find the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. I guess the opening sequence is kind of funny as well.

    The one thing I find odd about this episode is that a Vire is able to carry one-third of the Triforce and Link, but not the entire Triforce. By these estimates, the Triforce must weigh at least 240 lbs. We also see Link able to throw a piece of the Triforce one-handed, which would be preposterous if it weighed 80 lbs. In the episode "Doppelganger", we see Link carrying the thing in one hand, and we know he doesn't have the magical ability to carry it effortlessly the way Zelda does. (Unlike the other nitpicks, this one is kind of important to the episode.)

    Also, Link asks for a kiss perhaps twice more than is necessary (which I have omitted in this review), but what else is new.