The Legend of Zelda

Season 1 Episode 13

The Moblins are Revolting


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Ganon has ordered another theft attempt on the Triforce of Wisdom, but his underlings' own stupidity means Link doesn't even have to lift a finger. Ganon is quite displeased with this failure, but so are his underlings – who believe they could do better without him in charge. One of the Moblins uses Ganon's new Capture Staff against him – trapping him in a nearly impervious bubble. Ganon is then sent tumbling into a bottomless pit, while his ex-underlings plot revenge on Link and Zelda. A massive army gathers outside of the castle, but they prove so incompetent, there is nothing to worry about. Link and Zelda learn that Ganon has been overthrown, and they intend to finally steal the Triforce of Power out of the Underword. However, Ganon is working on regaining his freedom and gaining revenge.

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