The Lenny Henry Show (1984)

BBC (ended 1987)


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The Lenny Henry Show (1984)

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"Katanga my friends!" This is the first of Lenny Henry's stand-up/sketch shows which had a similar format to the present (2004) version. In each show Lenny would stand in front of an audience telling jokes about his past life, joking about the antics of his part Birmingham, part Jamaica upbringing. He also touched on topical events in amusing ways. Many sketches were featured featuring recurring Henry characters, including the first appearances of the soul-singing sex-god Theophilus P Wildebeeste, PC Ganga, dear old Deakus, one of the first batch of post-war Jamaican immigrants who "came to h-England in um in a boat!" and Derek The Teacher, a lampoon of the sort of student-teachers torn to shreds by inner-city schoolkids. Lenny also impersonated celebs including Prince, Michael Jackson and the one and only David Bellemy... "Gwapple me gwapenuts!". One key feature which has also made a sporadic appearance in more recent series of Lenny Henry's shows, were parodies of films, TV Dramas and music promo videos. The most memorable to date features in this show and probably goes down as an all time classic - A very authentic parody of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' which has to be seen to be believed. The series was directed by Geoff Posner, currently responsible for producing Little Britain. Special Guests included Chris Barrie, Frank Bruno, Robbie Coltrane, Dawn French, Carla Mendonca, Bertice Reading and John Sessions With the exception of the 1987 christmas special, while still called 'The Lenny Henry Show' the series changed it's format to a sitcom in 1987. To find out more information about this show, see 'The Lenny Henry Show (1987)' guide. Watch The Lenny Henry Show (1984) to see... • A Mother's Revenge - Why Lenny is still stuck in his high chair. • Rebel Leaders! - Revolutionaries without a bloody clue about their bloody coups... • Hill Street Blues - With Lenworth J. Henry • The Jewel In India's Passage - How to make a drama series for 48½p • Boxing - Joe 'Bomber' Baxter on his morning jog to the vending machine. • By The River Bank - A Battle of wits between his man, his wife and a fish. • Josh Yarlog of JYTV - Focuses on price tags while his cameraman fails to focus on anything. All this plus: How to breathe when you're kissing and Prince as you've never seen him before!moreless