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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sentences, Part Two
      The seventh game of the World Series pits the Letter People Land Clue Boxes in a jam at Mudville. They are down by three runs in the ninth inning. To compound matters, the fans back home can't get the game action. All they have are transmitted sentences about the final two at-bats.moreless
    • Sentences, Part One
      What are those strange marks hovering over Letter People Land? Miss U, Mr. S, and Miss O introduce themselves to the three punctuation marks, who instruct how to construct and read sentences.
    • The AU Sound
      The AU Sound
      Episode 28
      A jaunt through a fun house proves awfully scary for Miss A and Miss U. In the process, they agree to make a new sound in the Divided Catching Clue Box. Mr. W is called upon to take Miss U's place in said clue box when the time is right.
    • The OO Sounds
      The OO Sounds
      Episode 27
      What is in that soup Zelda (the witch from the other side of the Zigzag Forest) made? Whatever it is, it has allowed Miss O to make two new sounds with herself: the long OO in "school" and the short OO in "good."
    • The OI Sound
      The OI Sound
      Episode 26
      Miss I gets a nasty sunburn at poolside to compound her itchy itch. In the anxiety of the moment, Miss O coaxes her into teaming up for the OI sound, inspired by the word "boy." Naturally, Mr. Y can get to work the OI sound as well.
    • The OU Sound
      The OU Sound
      Episode 25
      Miss O emits a loud sound when Miss U sticks her with her umbrella. It's the start of an expanding realm for Miss O. She convinces Miss U to join her in the Divided Catching Clue Box to create the OU sound as in "loud." Mr. W gets into the act as well, teaming with Miss O for both the OU and long O sounds.moreless
    • Words in Three Parts
      Iggy now becomes a student at the Temple of the Silly Bull. He reunites with Chopper to break words into three syllables.
    • Words in Two Parts
      Words in Two Parts
      Episode 23
      Iggy, who we first saw in Episode 15, befriends Chopper, an emerging karate student who breaks words. Through a flashback, we see how it began. Chopper enlisted at the Temple of the Silly Bull to learn how to break words into parts.
    • Silent E and the -ING Sound
      Frantic Freddy is trying to stay awake seven full days while working the Rocking, Hopping, Dancing Party. Early on, he tells all the viewers that Silent E vacates whenever -ING appears at the end of words with a long vowel.
    • Double Cooperation and the -ING Sound
      Cindy dreams a Cinderella dream of wanting to appear on the set of Frantic Freddy's Rocking, Hopping, Dancing Party. It's an exciting prospect, especially because Freddy introduces the -ING sound. It's a heavy sound, which means that short words with short-vowel sounds must double the single consonant. The highlight of the afternoon is the Letter Girls' performance of a song called The -ING Sound.moreless
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review (6)
      This final visit to The Letter People Hall of Fame gives flashbacks on the previous six shows. We see pictures of Mr. X and the ever-rare Mr. Q.
    • WH and SH
      WH and SH
      Episode 19
      Mr. H loses a bet and agrees to make a new sound with Mr. W: the same sound that starts "whistle." It's a loud sound, prompting Mr. S to ask for quiet. He gets to make a quiet sound with Mr. H.
    • Meet The Thing
      Meet The Thing
      Episode 18
      An old theater in Letter People Land has been haunted since 1930 by a creature called "The Thing." Turns out The Thing is the only creature, other than a Letter Person, to have sounds.
    • Meet the Chewy Cherry Choo-Choo
      Mr. C convinces Mr. H to make more than one sound. They agree to make the sound that starts "chewy cherry," but Mr. H holds out for one clause: "Only if we get into a regular clue box."
    • Runaway Words
      Runaway Words
      Episode 16
      A professor's Word Machine goes haywire when the letters Miss O feeds it, make unconventional sounds. All these words will not change their sounds for anybody. They will run havoc for the next eight shows.
    • Meet Mr. Q
      Meet Mr. Q
      Episode 15
      Miss O loses her voice prior to her engagement at the opera house. She and an assemblage of Letter People must go to the laboratory run by Mr. Q. Before Mr. Q can help the Letter People, they must help him acquire a sound.
    • Meet Mr. X
      Meet Mr. X
      Episode 14
      Things seem to be going wrong: Mr. B loses his voice, Mr. H's head looks even more horrible, and Miss U's goat is cursed into not bleating. All these things occur when anyone is tagged with a red letter X. It's up to Nardo the Detective to track down the source of these marks. Once he does, he offers to help Mr. X get a sound.moreless
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review (5)
      Nardo provides flashbacks of the adventures surrounding Mr. Y, Mr. J, and Mr. R—including the Star Trip trilogy.
    • Star Trip, Part Three: The ER Sound
      Empress Mung is truly merciless. She has coaxed Miss E, Miss I, and Miss U into one of her spaceships bound for the planet Snickers. Will the Empress get more wondrous sounds out of the Divided Catching Clue Box, or can the Letter Girls and Mr. R fool her?
    • Star Trip, Part Two: The OR Sound
      Miss A returns to Letter People Land, but not before another spaceship whisks a willing Miss O to the planet Snickers. Together she and Mr. R enter the Divided Catching Clue Box to make the OR sound. But are they a match for the Empress Mung and her guards?
    • Star Trip, Part One: AR and the Divided Catching Clue Box
      For a week—ever since Miss A had disappeared, the Letter People Space Agency has received signals from a faraway planet. Mr. R has been assigned to rescue Miss A. This leads to the most extraordinary discovery. Befriending Lucky Star on the journey to planet Snickers, Mr. R learns of the Divided Catching Clue Box. With it, Miss A and Mr. R produce the AR sound.moreless
    • Meet Mr. R
      Meet Mr. R
      Episode 9
      Mr. R has no rip in his ripping rubber bands. Can he trust the repair service of Roscoe and Ringo? Those two renegades are more interested in comedy revue.
    • How Mr. G Got Another Sound
      The Genius Gem is missing from the museum. It ends up in Mr. J's junkyard. Mr. G touches the gem and disappears. Now Mr. J and Officer Jabberwocky must follow a set of instructions that gives Mr. G the right to use the J sound.
    • Meet Mr. J
      Meet Mr. J
      Episode 7
      Officer Jabberwocky informs Mr. J he must clear out his jumbled junk—which is how Mr. J gets his sound.
    • Y as a Consonant and a Vowel
      Before their outdoor Sound Festival, the Letter People split into factions over the tiring Mr. Y. Miss I intends to give Mr. Y her sound so that he can appear in the middle or end of words. This becomes the focal point of the Sound Festival.
    • Meet Mr. Y
      Meet Mr. Y
      Episode 5
      Newcomer Mr. Y is putting everyone to sleep with his yawning. Sure, it's how he gets his sound, but he and some other Letter People are needed. There's a creature up in the mountains called the yodel, just the perfect guest for Letter People Land's upcoming Outdoor Sound Festival.
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review (4)
      Nardo provides flashbacks of all the Letter Girls' uses of long sounds. This includes the Cooperation rule from Episode 29.
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review of C and K
      Nardo retells the stories of Mr. C and Mr. K, their separate arrivals, their identical sound, and their eventual "agreement" of who stands before what vowel.
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review of Consonants and the Squoosh
      Nardo observes the displays honoring Mr. T and Mr. N, among other Letter Boys. He hints to the events of Episode 20, involving Mr. V's torn violet velvet vest. If it weren't for the word "vest," who knows when the Divided Catching Clue Box would have been needed?
    • The Hall of Fame: A Review of Short Vowels
      Nardo the Detective has become a night watchman at The Letter People Hall of Fame. Walking through the halls and seeing displays of the Letter Girls, brings back wonderful memories of sounds and sound catches.
  • Season 1