The Librarians

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The Librarians

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A new series based on the network's Librarian films starring Noah Wyle. The series stars Rebecca Romijn and centers on an ancient organization whose mission is to protect the world from the secret, magical reality that's hidden all around us. Wyle will executive-produce the show and reprise his role as Flynn Carsen from the movie trilogy in a recurring capacity. Christian Kane (Leverage), Lindy Booth (Dawn of the Dead), John Kim (Neighbors), and John Larroquette (Night Court) also star.

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AIRED ON 1/18/2015

Season 1 : Episode 10

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  • Ridiculous, but not bad enough to get mock entertainment out of

    Couldn't withstand more than 7 minutes. Sometimes dumb is fun. This is just painful dumb. My fiancee thanked me when I turned it off and apologized. I'll give it an extra 0.5 becuase it isn't Kartrashians.
  • The Librarians !!

    Yay !! The Librarians will have season 2 !!!
  • Cute, but I'm on the fence for now.

    After seeing the first couple of episodes, I thought it was a cute show but with underdeveloped characters and issues with logic, and I was concerned that the lack of Noah Wyle is subsequent issues.

    However, it turned out that Noah Wyle was more of a hindrance than a help, perhaps because the series wasn't designed around him, and things started improving once the Librarians were on their own, which markedly improved the dynamic. Since then, the show has been, in general, terrifically fun, with a light touch and intriguing stories.

    True, it is still full of logic holes, and the characters are still paper thin (and attempts to give them depth are awkward and ham handed), but if you're looking for goofy, mindless, fantasy fun, it's a great option.moreless
  • Predates Warehouse 13

    I keep reading/seeing people seeing Warehouse 13 knockoff. Well that is not true exactly. The "Librarian" movies predate, Warehouse 13 show by several years. Since the Librarians show is based on the movies. You need to check out the movies before you judge. You might say, "Warehouse 13 took elements from the Librarian Don't get wrong, I am a big Warehouse 13 fan. The Librarians the series isn't trying to be like Warehouse 13. If anything the story is being itself, with a twist of fate and addition of a Guardian and three junior. Librarians. With the rise of all those darn reality shows I hope the fate of this series is blessed for renewal and continuation. .moreless
  • Easy fun way to kill time.

    Yes leverage was better but its gone. WH13 was good craic too but similarly its gone too... I liked the tv movies, yep - low budget compared to blockbusters but entertaining and these are better than the films were. Cast took a bit of getting used too, its cheesy but theres a lack of easy to follow tv at the min. i dont always want to have to think and concentrate - sometimes i just want amused and this does it in spades.moreless

    TNT Sets Premiere Dates for The Librarians, Legends, Major Crimes, and New Drama Agent X

    Clear your November calendar, y'all!


    TNT Renews The Librarians for Season 2

    The popular series will return later this year.

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