The Librarians

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AIRED ON 12/1/2010

Season 3 : Episode 8

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This Australian comedy features the life of Frances O'Brien, a devout Catholic woman who suffers from a panic disorder and serves as Head Librarian at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre. Life gets interesting when her former best friend who is facing criminal charges becomes her co-worker.
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  • Predates of Warehouse 13

    I keep reading/seeing people seeing Warehouse 13 knockoff. Well that is not true exactly. The "Librarian" movies predate, Warehouse 13 show by several years. Since the Librarians show is based on the movies. You need to check out the movies before you judge. You might say, "Warehouse 13 took elements from the Librarian Don't get wrong, I am a big Warehouse 13 fan. The Librarians the series isn't trying to be like Warehouse 13. If anything the story is being itself, with a twist of fate and addition of a Guardian and three junior. Librarians. With the rise of all those darn reality shows I hope the fate of this series is blessed for renewal and continuation. .moreless
  • Good show

    I love this show. It reminds me of Warehouse 13. Great characters and fun plot lines. Though as this show continues I hope to see more of Flynn and please please make the fight scenes better. It's is corny at some parts. But over all I love this show.
  • Fantastic Finale, Consistant mostly, CGI amazingly increased

    You half wits who watched the first 4-6 episodes should delete their accounts. Watch the whole season before even thinking of touching the ratings. I watched every single episode and their were a few that could have had better writing or CGI but remember this is a new show with new writing. The last 6-9 episodes were amazing and reminded me of the movies (Flynn is in a lot of The pilot and second episode were amazing as well but with EVERY SHOW comes a budget and a bad episode here and there. This show is consistent and gets better, a lot better. I believe Flynn will be a main character in the next season but you have to judge it yourself with the last 2 season finale episodes. BTW the CGI gets a lot better too.moreless
  • Warehouse 13 Knockoff?

    This is sooo very similar to Warehouse 13, eerily so.

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