The Librarians

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  • Season 3
    • 12/1/10
      Just about every cent that the library has funded has gone, thanks to the closure of Showbiz Video. As a result of this, Xavier tells Francis that the library faces many cutbacks, and that she has to fire three members of her staff. Unhappy about the possibility of losing three staff members, Francis takes the matter to Parliament House.moreless
    • Pearl of Wisdom
      Episode 7
      It is Senior Citizens Day at the library, and everyone is kept very busy. Ky is interviewing people for a history project, and Christine is looking after the Devonshire tea stand. Meanwhile Neil takes a group of elderly people on a walking tour of Middleton.
    • 11/17/10
      Frances and Christine are caught stealing the money which the library had fundraised. Meanwhile, Nada is visited by a man named Jaffar Abassi, who she found on a Muslim dating site. The only problem is that there's a lot more to him than his good looks and charming personality.
    • 11/10/10
      The absolute worse nightmare has come true for Frances: she is once again living with her mother. She hopes, however, that it won't be long before they can afford to send Pearl back to the Gentle Pines nursing home. All that needs to happen is for the tuna to sell big on Ebay. Meanwhile Terry is in charge with keeping an eye on Pearl during the day while Frances is at work.moreless
    • Dark Before Dawn
      Episode 4
      The Gentle Pines nursing home is wanting Frances to pay for her mother's living arrangement, but it is money that Frances just doesn't have. But if she doesn't pay up soon, Pearl will end up living with her. Meanwhile, out of desperation, Terry tries to find someone to buy the tonnes of tuna stocked up in their garage.moreless
    • Tsukiji
      Episode 3
      Things start to look up for Frances when she meets Indigo, the real estate agent who is going to sell Pearl's house. After the threats of closure at the library, Christine sets up a major fundraising event that she hopes will make a lot of money. And meanwhile, Matthew is disheartened after yet another rejection letter for his novel, but he soon gets encouragement from Dawn, who suggests he start writing reviews for DVDs instead.moreless
    • Quid Pro Quo
      Episode 2
      Frances and Father Harris get Pearl settled into her new place of residence - Gentle Pines nursing home. But to pay for this, Frances needs to find a way of quickly selling her mother's home. Meanwhile, Neil and Jane decide to go into business together.
    • Mother of Pearl
      Episode 1
      Frances is devastated when she learns that her mother, Pearl, requires full time care. But just to make things worse for Frances, a government bureaucrat named Xavier Fisher rules that all public libraries are to make a profit, or face possible closure if they don't.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1