The Lieutenant

NBC (ended 1964)


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  • Quite a Good Contemporary 60's Military Drama --

    As a fan of Star Trek, I'd heard of this show produced by Gene Roddenberry, but I'd assumed it was about a police lieutenant given his previous career. I'm glad to be seeing it now on GetTV & find it to be very well written. It's basically a military soap opera with the feel of an anthology series -- the eponymous Lt. Rice is the main recurring character, but the several episodes I've seen so far focus on the guest stars' characters & his interaction with them. I don't mean to disparage it by calling it a soap opera (normally not a good thing in my book), but I'm not usually a fan of contemporary (whenever they were made) dramas. It shows Marine Corps training in the mid-60's, & I understand later episodes are set overseas, "in country". As the GetTV adverts make clear, there are a number of future Star Trek alumni that appear in this show, along with many other of my 1960's television "friends". Lt. Rice (Gary Lockwood, later Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell of Star Trek's "Where No Man Has Gone Before") is a young lieutenant who's a straight-shooting, white-hat hero in the mould of 60's TV heroes, but very focussed on his career & struggling with moral dilemmas. I haven't seen the recurring character drama/development & action of "Combat!", but I'm still quite impressed with this show -- a few of the closing scenes have made me say "Wow!". My only criticism is the stupidly annoying opening & closing theme music -- truly the worst 60's TV music I can recall, possibly the only such music I don't like! With your finger on the mute button, I highly recommend "The Lieutenant".