The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

Season 2 Episode 33

Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1957 on ABC
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Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday saves Wyatt from the business end of a shotgun, and one of the Old West's greatest friendships is born. They both go after the same train-robber, but for different reasons.

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  • The enigma that is Doc Holliday

    A frankly kind of boring show perks up as they put together more of the "history" of Wyatt Earp. Doc Holliday shows up and the performance by Douglas Frowley is every bit as good as Val Kilmer, Dennis Quaid, Jason Robards, and Kirk Douglas. Check out the quotes for this episode, but every line he has sparkles and the workmanlike writer, Frederick Brennan, seems inspired to write some clever stuff.

    Of course, the show fictionalizes and perks up the famous figure, but it still manages to capture some of the intricacy of the man, who hates everyone and even has a love-hate but mostly-hate relationship with Wyatt. He seems more intrigued by the honest lawman than admiring or friendly. They also capture his relationship with Kate, even if they prettied that up a bit too. And his failing health and his suicidal desire to do whatever he wants because of his TB.

    There's also the ending, where we find out exactly why Holliday is so eager to get hold of Roarke: to repair his reputation because Roarke has been slandering his work as a dentist.

    So this one is definitely worth watching.moreless
Don Diamond

Don Diamond

Jack Shanssey

Guest Star

Bob Woodward (II)

Bob Woodward (II)

Gang Member

Guest Star

'Snub' Pollard

'Snub' Pollard


Guest Star

Douglas Fowley

Douglas Fowley

Doc Holliday

Recurring Role

Carol Stone

Carol Stone

Kate Holliday

Recurring Role

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    • Wyatt: I should be thanking you, Dr. Holiday. You pulled me out of a tight spot.
      Doc Holliday: You can't be a former patient of mine.
      Wyatt: No, sir.
      Doc Holliday: I thought not. My patients hate me.

    • Doc Holliday: Hold on. What's your name?
      Wyatt: Wyatt Earp.
      Doc Holliday: And all the time I thought it was a fluke shot you threw at Skunky. Handsome, fast with a gun, in the best of health. Get out of my sight, sir.

    • Doc Holliday: I was talking to Bill Tilghman about you a couple of months ago. He called you, "Deacon Earp."
      Wyatt: Well, they elected me deacon of the church to keep order.
      Doc Holliday: The law seems to be your religion.

    • Wyatt: Now, I hope you're not going to hold a grudge against Mrs. Holliday. She thought she was doing what was best for you.
      Doc Holliday: Hmm, I knew you'd say that.
      Wyatt: Why?
      Doc Holliday: You're always trying to do what's best for everybody. Mrs. Holliday wants to shut me up in a hospital. No drinking, no gambling, no women in the way.
      Wyatt: You'd get well, wouldn't you?
      Doc Holliday: No. It'd kill me in a month. By doing what's worse for myself, I've stayed alive.

    • Shanessy: I hope you give the marshal credit for saving you.
      Doc Holliday: I never praise anybody for illogical behavior.
      Shanessy: Well, what's so illogical about stopping your wife carting you off bound hand and foot?
      Doc Holliday: I have first claim on Mike Roarke. And with me out of the way, the marshal'd have no problem. I hope you'll act toward me after this with the worst possible motive, sir.
      Wyatt: Well if I did that, Dr. Holliday, you'd always understand me.
      Doc Holliday: He gets the point. You have a wonderful talent, Wyatt. You'd make a wonderful great train robber.

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