The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

NBC (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
      The feature movie tells the story of James "Grizzly" Adams, a innocent fugitive, a man who hides in the forest, and takes care of a bear. With the help of his new friends, Grizzly will have to hide away from the bounty hunters and continue living his life as normal as he can.moreless
    • Adam's Cub
      Adam's Cub
      Episode 1
      A young girl named Eliza Bowker, traveling to the west with her parents in a covered wagon, gets lost in the vast mountain wilderness. While her parents look for her, Eliza is attacked by a lion, but Ben the bear rescues her, and takes her to Adams' cabin.
    • Blood Brothers
      Blood Brothers
      Episode 2
      Adams recalls how he met Nakoma, a Native Indian. We're taken back in past to find out how Adams found Ben, how Indian fought with a lion and much more.
    • The Fugitive
      The Fugitive
      Episode 3
      Adams saves Will Boker, an entertainer and a magician, from drowning in a river, and takes him back to his cabin. Boker claims that he lost a bag full of his possesions when he was drowning, so Adams returns to the river and finds it, full of money. Boker claims that money fell in his hands by an accident, but what is the real truth?moreless
    • Unwelcome Neighbor
      When a man named Cartman and his son make a camp at the valley in the mountains, Adams wants to become a great neighbour, but Cartman doesn't want any help from Adams. Things get complicated when the Cartmans' build a lean-to downwind of the campfire and endanger their lives.
    • Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack
      Mad Jack accidentally becomes trapped on a raft in rapids and Adams sets up to find the man, but when he finds his personal belongings, Adams is convinced that Mad Jack is gone, and he recalls the first time he met Jack.
    • Adam's Ark
      Adam's Ark
      Episode 6
      Mad Jack accidentally runs into Pinkerton, a man who wants to bring Adams back to the town for the trial. He rushes off to warn Adams, while that mountain is in danger when a volcano becomes active. While Jack tries to find Adams, Adams has to rescue the animals with Ben and Nakoma's help before the volcano erups.moreless
    • Redemption of Ben
      While trying to rescue a raccoon, Adams is accidentally buried by a rockslide. Nakoma and Mad Jack believe that he is died, and they leave him under the rocks. Ben sadly wonders off, Nakoma and Mad Jack return to find Adams alive. In the meantime, Ben is captured by an owner of a animal circus, Mitch Morgan.moreless
    • The Tenderfoot
      The Tenderfoot
      Episode 8
      Mad Jack meets a young tenderfoot named Teddy in the wilderness, and believes that he is just a clumsy novice, which turns out to be true, when Teddy, or let's say Theodore Roosevelt, attacks Nakoma & Ben and attempts to ride Number Seven.
    • The Rivals
      The Rivals
      Episode 9
      While escorting Sumi, a young Indian maiden back to the reservation, Mad Jack is stunned to learn that his burro, Number Seven, found a stone of gold. Meanwhile, Nakoma meets Sumi and thinks that she got closer to Mad Jack, so he challenges him to a match.
    • The Unholy Beast
      The Unholy Beast
      Episode 10
      Adams, Jack and Nakoma set off into the woods to find a monster, a strange creature that Mad Jack saw in the wilderness, a beast that makes Ben act umcomfortable. Soon they learn that the best is actually a camel and has an owner...
    • Beaver Dam
      Beaver Dam
      Episode 11
      Adams' cabin is in danger when a group of beavears, after their valley was destroyed by a forest fire, move into Adams' valley. Mad Jack suggests that Adams' should get rid of them, but he has another plan.
    • Home of the Hawk
      Home of the Hawk
      Episode 12
      A tough old settler named and his daughter travel west into the rugged mountain territory, and after a small accident, they end up in Adams' cabin.
    • The Storm
      The Storm
      Episode 13
      Ben and Adams prepare to welcome Mad Jack and Nakuma for the annual feast and celebration, but their preparation is interrupted when an Indian woman arrives, looking for help. Her daughter is missing.
  • Season 2