The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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Juniper Lee is a typical 11-year-old girl born into the secret responsibility of fighting the forces of mischief and chaos that hide everywhere. On any given day, she may have to skip out on her best friend's birthday party to discipline some unruly 6-foot leprechauns or smack down some troublemaking gnomes. Theme Song In a world full of monsters and demons, June is the only one who sees them. When evil beasts start their plotting and scheming, She kicks butt and sends them home screaming, Sends them home screaming... Go! Go! Go! Go! You can't stop the girl... When crazy creatures come, June has to stop them; She'd be happy if it wasn't her problem; She's the one who has to resolve them, Has to resolve them... Go! Go! Go! Go! You can't stop the girl...
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  • meh, its okay

    Its not the best show I've seen but its alright.
  • Pros of the Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, in a nutshell, is about an eleven year old Asian-American pre-teen who was chosen to be the newest Te-Xuan-Ze and restore the balance between the human and magical realms. She is aided by her grandmother, the former Te-Xuan-Ze, her talking dog, and younger brother.

    Alright, first off, this show is amazing and funny. June is very snarky and always as a witty remark ready. June, in my opinion, has similar quicks to Raven and Mandy.

    Second, this show is not a rip off of anything! The creator of this show said, in a interview, that this show was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is not a rip off of Kim Possible or American Dragon Jake Long. I watched both of these shows so I should know. The show is completely original. There aren't a lot of female superheroes because it is mainly men who dominate that role. Female superheroes like the Powerpuff Girls, Atomic Betty and others needed a role and you accepted them so why not Juniper Lee.

    Thirdly, if you are resorting to calling a cartoon character ugly and hideous than you seriously need to grow up. If have the time to compare what you think she looks like to animals and monsters in the show than you really need to grow up and get a life. If you're troubling over romance than you need to get it into your head that not every show is a anime!

    Fourthly, if you are complaining that this show is terrible than you, obliviously, haven't seen any of the new crap on CN like MAD. This show is not terrible and there are a lot of people who would agree with me on that. This was a great show that needed to be continued.

    Fifthly, if you complaining on how you think the animation is bad, then you really need to look at other shows. Certain aspects of animation doesn't change. Almost all shows have great animation. If you hate this show's animation Han you just hating seeing something different.

    Sixth, magic can be anything! Just because you grew thinking that magic was all about fairies, pixies and all of that stuff doesn't make it true. It called Fairy Tales for a reason you know. June fights monsters and demons because they are threatening the balance if the human and magic realms, it says this in the first episode! Do you really think a fairy or a pixie is going have a evil plan to destroy the world? No, didn't think so. This is why they have beginning episode, so you can understand what's going on.

    Lastly, if you don't like the show because you don't understand June's powers than RE-WATCH the first episode! She's the Te-Xuan-Ze. She gained echanced strength, echanced durability, echanced jumping, and others! If you pay attention than maybe you would know that. It's really easy to see that.

    Alright, I'm not sorry if this offended anyone because, frankly, if you are offended then you should be. You've already offended the show so it's karma time. Maybe if you weren't so childish then you wouldn't be offended. You can hate this all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you need to grow up. It's a sad, cold, truth.moreless
  • I'm so glad this is no longer running on CN.

    This show was soooo crappy! A girl is running around killing a bunch of monsters. That's offisive to monster lovers all over the world! I can't stand to feel that that stupid girl never got her butt killed for messing with monsters. And did I metion how ugly she is?! Man! Her face looks like a frog! I'm glad I have good friends that agree with me that Juniper Lee is uglier then a mountin troll combind with a frog. This show should have never been created! It does set a fine example that CN is up to their ol' crappy tricks again. It sickens me.moreless
  • 30% Bad and 70% Good.

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee can be funny at times and it can be stupid at times most episodes dont make any sence at all,but The Life and Times of Juniper Lee still rules,its not the worst not the best not the second best but great i dont watch The Life and Times of Juniper Lee that much but its still cool.
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is not only a big waste of time, but a big rip off of 2 excellent Disney shows

    I am going to be honest here, and say that seeing commercials for this show it looked promising. The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is about a girl named Juniper having to protect the world from magical creatures from another world. There is already a huge problem with the premise. It sounds very similar to American Dragon: Jake Long on Disney Channel. Now I can overlook a rip off when it has its own uniqueness, but this show fails to do that. The characters are all terrible, and rip offs of American Dragon as well. The only difference is that unlike American Dragon where the characters have great personalities, and back stories everyone in this show is generic and stereotypical with little to no back story to them. You have a generic goth girl, a stereotypical girl who wants to be the best at everything, run of the mill jerk older brother, and the parents who are neglectful, but caring. The grandma is like Grandpa from American Dragon, but is not as great as him, and is lazy. The dog who talks is similar to Fu, but only gives wise cracks instead of helping most of the time. Ray Ray is like Hayley, but very annoying and lacks any development at all. Juniper Lee though has to be the worst character on this show. Juniper is like Jake Long except a female, and despite her having magic she doesn't seem to use it, and instead uses fighting movies. I also want to point out that Juniper fighting evil reminds me of another Disney show Kim Possible. Jumpier has the same hairdo as Kim, and even some of the fighting moves look similar to the show. So not satisfied with ripping off American Dragon the creators decided to steal another good show. Just how desperate were these creators. I am surprised that Disney didn't sue CN for this rip off. The stories are OK, but nothing too special or creative that makes them watchable. The monsters themselves look ridiculous. They look like carnival monster doll rejects, and some even look like the My Pet Monster toy from the 1980s. For a show about magical creatures it fails to show what these creatures really are. The artwork is terrible to look at. While the set designs are OK the characters look odd, and not in a good way. Everyone's face is stretched out for some reason, and look horrific, and the character designs look unoriginal and terribly drawn. The animation is choppy, and stiff most of the time. The humor this show tries to use is just pathetic, and nothing more. Every attempt at humor falls flat, and fails to make me smile at these "jokes". The only saving grace of this show is that in got canceled a little over a year, and there are no reruns so it won't ever haunt TV again. Juniper Lee is just one of the worst attempts to cash in on the American Dragon show. The premise is terrible, the characters are awful and lack depth, the humor is dreadful, the artwork is bizarre, the monsters look terrible, and the show steals directly form 2 better shows you could be watching. If by some cruel twist of fate this show comes on again then avoid it at all costs, and let it remain forgotten.moreless
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