The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 5

Citizen June

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Thor is incorrect when he says that a fortnight is three days; a fortnight is two weeks. One might assume the mistake is deliberate, since Thor is an idiot, but the hobgoblin seems to mutate after three days as he says.

    • Both Thor and Loki make second appearances in the third season. Both also bring along a new character with them. Ironically, Loki brings an ally for June and Thor brings an enemy.

    • Thor said the hobgoblin escaped from the caves of Midgar. In Nordic mythology, Midgar is the Earth, so Thor is saying the hobgoblin escaped from the Earth.

    • The song June and her brothers play in the band is called "Happy Days are Here Again!", which was created back in the 30's.

  • Quotes

    • June: (to Thor about destroying her school) You can't!
      Thor: Sure I can.
      Hammerette #1: No sweetie, I think when she says "you can't" it means she'd rather you not.

    • Jody: (on a commercial created by Melissa) Why is everybody n this school-so-ugly-short-and stupid! (the classroom boo's at her)
      Roger: (to Jody) Hey, who you callin' short!?
      Melissa: Jody Irwin, loves homework, hates you. Vote Melissa O'Malley, class president!

    • June: (looking for Jody, who ran out of the classroom after Melissa bad mouthed her) Jody?! (finds her crying under a tree) Oh, Jody, Melissa was wrong to do that.
      Jody: I'll never win the election now!
      June: Sure you will.
      Jody: No! The only way I'd win now is if I had... (June's bracelet starts to glow, she sees dark clouds forming near her school, she gets more nervous as Jody talks) ...somebody to campaign. They didn't have to be popular, but still known to the public. I'd need somebody who's smart, good at politics, and somewhat cool. (looks at June) June! Why don't you run for class president? It'll be fun, we could beat Melissa O'Malley! And I'll be your manager!
      June: Jody I-
      Jody: I'm not leaving 'till you say yes! (the clouds get bigger)
      June: Okay! (she runs toward them)
      Jody: Perfect! Now, I'll just need a speech.

    • Kid #2: My locker sticks every now and then, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only kid who deals with this. How would you help me solve this problem?
      June: Well, you could try some oil, that's what my locker needed.
      : Kid #1 Melissa, how do you respond?
      Melissa: I don't think we just need to temporarily repair one locker, I think we need a whole new set of stick-proof lockers for us and generations to come! And she has ugly shoes. (the crowd laughs)
      June: What? But I had gym today, I couldn't wear the cute ones!
      Jody: She's getting eaten alive out there, switch to plan B! (they signal her to switch plans)
      June: Ok, I know you guys are ready to vote for your next president, question is though, are you ready-(swipes into a KISS costume) TO ROCK?! (smoke covers the stage, Melissa gasps as June starts playing guitar and Ray Ray and Dennis, also dressed up as KISS, come up behind her onstage)
      Happy days, are here again,
      The skies above, are here again,
      So let's live the day, right here again,
      Happy Days are here again!!!!

    • Ray Ray: (about Melissa) Yeah, if you were drowning she'd throw ya a bucket of water! Well actually no, first she'd throw ya a bucket of spit, then a bucket of water!

    • Ophelia: (giving June's speech) Isn't it time we show Melissa just how SICK OF IT we are?!

    • June: Uh Jody, I have to go to the bathroom.
      Jody: But you're just about to give your speech!
      June: Yeah but, when you gotta go...
      Jody: Okay, make it quick. (June runs off, Jody calls after her) And no handwashing! Hygiene will have to wait!

    • June: (to Ophelia) Relax, you'll be drunk with power in no time.

    • Ophelia: This couldn't get any worse.
      Roger: Hey uh, if you're lookin' for a first lady, I'm your guy.
      Ophelia: And there it goes.

    • Thor: (looking at the zoo brochure) Ooh, they've got llamas! I loves me some llamas!

    • Thor: Anybody who's bored, raise your hand. (he and all the hammerettes raise their hands) It's official, welcome to Boresville, population: Us.

    • Thor: You're scuffing the locks.

    • June: (smuggly to Ray Ray, after he shows Lila how to ride a bike) Well, aren't you the little gentleman.
      Ray Ray: (mildly) Shut up.

    • Melissa: (to Lila) Shouldn't you be on a leash?

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