The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 7

Ding Dong the Witch Ain't Dead

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Ding Dong the Witch Ain't Dead
Many years ago, there once was an evil witch named Auntie Roon who battled the Te Xuan Ze of that time. She was defeated and also banished at the same time. Many years later, a 10th level Warlock has gotten together with a Pus Goblin and an Antelope Snake to release Auntie Roon where the sacred grounds are where the Orchid Bay Mall now stands. At the same time, June, Jody, Ophelia, and Roger try to get in line to get the latest album from the band called Ambiguous Angst. When Auntie Roon is released, she lifts the veil that was preventing the humans from seeing monsters and has her minions gather every teen and kid in one spot. How will June defeat Auntie Roon?moreless

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  • Juniper Lee and her friends go to the mall to get autographs from their favorate band. But there is trouble brewing in Juniper's hood.

    That episode rocked times ten plus infinity! I even liked the prolouge where Ah ma told Juniper Lee about Aunty Rue and how she was banished by one of her ancesters who used to be the Te-Xuan Ze. I also liked the part where Juniper and her friends got all excited about getting autographs from their favorate band, I wish something like that happed in my town. Oh but the part where Aunty Rue broke the magical barrier and revealed herself and the other creatures to the humans was totally dramatic. And the fights scenes...the greatest. Juniper's mad fighting skills were rockin!moreless
  • Actually this is my favorite episode of the show, not just because June's friends discover she's the Te Xuan Ze, and how (if the things shouldn't have changes), the fact she's the guardian will have not changed her relationship with her friends.moreless

    Actually this is my favorite episode of the show, not just because June's friends discover she's the Te Xuan Ze, and how (if the things shouldn't have changes), the fact she's the guardian will have not changed her relationship with her friends. We have seen is hard for heroes with secret identities to keep a normal life while they fight for to protect people, even when they would like to reveal their friends and families their identities, is a great responsability to protect them, even if someone must to do it in that way.moreless
Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

10th Level Warlock / Euro Trash #1 / Euro Trash #3

Guest Star

Susan Silo

Susan Silo

Auntie Roon / Euro Trash #5 / Euro Trash #6

Guest Star

Amy Hill

Amy Hill


Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Judge Razilnik

Recurring Role

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Monroe says that he has helped the Te Xuan Ze for over 300, although he says that Auntie Roon falls for the trick EVERY 400 YEAR OR EVERY 4 CENTURIES. So in the flashback it might be Monroe's Dad fighting Auntie Roon and he could have told Monroe about it.

    • Even if June wanted to tell her friends she fight against evil monsters and save the world, how could she show them that what she's saying is true? They knew it in this chapter just because Auntie Roon take out the veil that not allow humans to see magic creatures. Even when they see Monroe, they can't hear him. They could trust in what Ray Ray says. And like June said, all they think she's a little strange.

    • In "I've Got My Mind on My Mummy and My Mummy on My Mind," Monroe says that he has been helping the Te Xuan Ze for three hundred years. However, the battle with Auntie Roon that June read about (which Monroe apparently took part in), took place four hundred years ago. Also, when Roon is defeated at the mall, Monroe gloats that she "falls for the same trick every four centuries," suggesting that he's been doing this for even longer.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Auntie Roon: (threatening to hurt Ray Ray) Tell me where the Te Xuan Ze is, or the little kid fries like a canole!

    • Auntie Roon: (hears fighting on roof of Orchid Bay Mall) What was that?!
      Ray Ray: That's my big sister, June! She's comin' for ya, auntie, and when she gets here, she's gonna kick your butt! And your fish's butt, too!
      Auntie Roon's Flying Fish: (translated, to Ray Ray) I don't HAVE a butt... you chimpanzee!

    • Warlock: Listen, Auntie... the boys and I are more than willing to throw you a little suaree... after the boon.
      Auntie Roon: ... You lost me there... a boon?
      Antelope Snake: You know, a boon. A magical favor. We freed you from magical banishment, so now you have to do us up solid!
      Auntie Roon: Oh, a boon! You kids and your slang these days! All right! What can I do ya for?
      Warlock: ... The children!
      Antelope Snake: Yeah! The children!
      Pus Goblin: We want you to steal the children!
      Auntie Roon: And what are you gonna do with them, may I ask?
      Warlock: We're... we're... gonna take 'em to a farm!
      Antelope Snake: Yeah, a farm! Out in the country!
      Pus Goblin: Where there's a lot of room to run!
      Auntie Roon: ... You're gonna eat 'em, aren't ya?
      (The 10th-level Warlock, Pus Goblin, and Antelope Snake all laugh)
      Warlock: Ah, you got us, Auntie!
      Pus Goblin: We're gonna eat 'em.
      Auntie Roon: Oh, good! 'Cause that'd be a waste of a perfectly good bond if you know what I mean!
      Antelope Snake: Have you had one? They taste just like frog's legs!
      Auntie Roon: Oh, stop it already! I'm homo sapien intolerant! They give me gas. You don't want to know. Okay, boys! Let's get this horror show on the road! I'm not gettin' any younger, you know.

    • Monroe: Ha-ha! Never fails! The old bat falls for the same trick every 400 years!

  • NOTES (7)