The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Every Witch Way But Loose
      June, Jody, and Lila work together on a science fair project and Jody is starting to suspect June's Te Xuan Ze duties. Meanwhile, Auntie Roon is back and she brings out the dark side in June by turning her into a monster through a device Auntie Roon planted on June's back and her magic in her plan to destroy the Magical Touchstones that control the magical veil. With Ah-Mah weakened and unconscious, Ray Ray, Monroe, Lila, and Dennis must prevent the destruction of the Magical Touchstones, restore June back to normal, and defeat Auntie Roon.moreless
    • The Kids Stay in the Picture
      Ophelia enlists the help of June and Co. into helping her finish her school film. Meanwhile, Cordoth's Daughter plots to bring 500 kids into the Realm of Barandom so she and her father can be free again. With Ray Ray captured, June ends up trapped in the movie. Ray Ray and Monroe must get June out of the movie so that she can finish Ophelia's movie and defeat Cordoth's Daughter.moreless
    • A Helping H.A.M.
      A Helping H.A.M.
      Episode 12
      June ignores Monroe's advice during a battle against Glimmer Monster. Later, the H.A.M. organization hires a monster named Gorp to capture June, but accidentally kidnaps Monroe. Monroe ends up helping them in their battle against the magic world. What will happen?
    • Food For Naught
      Food For Naught
      Episode 11
      June investigates as the monsters in Orchid Bay City become fierce beasts. When she discovers that the source of this is in the Runey Stix snack food, she tries to persuade Margie and Eloise to stop adding the Tarabok Weed in them. Will she succeed?
    • Te Xuan Me?
      Te Xuan Me?
      Episode 10
      When Juniper is missing, Ray Ray takes it upon himself to go find her and save the world.
    • Little Big Mah
      Little Big Mah
      Episode 9
      While trying to get to an Ascension Ceremony where June is getting promoted to Kanji, Ah-Mah is getting younger after fighting a Darnock Demon which plans to steal the power of the Elders.
    • Sealed With a Fist

      To prevent himself from getting dethroned by his friends, Dennis finds Juniper's "Animation of the Inanimations" book and accidentally brings the Legion of Villainous Evildoers from the Boomfist comics to life whom attack Orchid Bay. As Dennis tries to make up for what happened, Ray Ray calls Boomfist to help out. Will it be enough to stop L.O.V.E.?

    • Out of the Past
      Out of the Past
      Episode 7
      Ah-Mah trains June how to use the Staff of Wushu. When thieves working for a demon company called DaPheetes invade, they use a powerful spell made from Dragon Snot and steal the Kanji Statue of a rogue Te Xuan Zee named Kai Yee who turned against the Magical Elders and was imprisoned as a statue. When he steals the Sword of the Elders, June persuades Ah-Mah to let her help. What will be the outcome of this fight?moreless
    • Make Me Up Before You Go-Go
      With Lila still fitting in, Jody invites June and co over to watch a comet. Unfortunately, Rachel ends up sponsoring the slumber party after she breaks up with her boyfriend. During the slumber party, an inter-dimensional transport carrying a Monotuke appears to place Arachnoid Locator Stones to bring down the Adumian Prison Orb containing Unglian Banticores from the Ninth Cycle.moreless
    • Citizen June
      Citizen June
      Episode 5
      As Lila adjusts to human life, June and Jody runs against Melissa O'Malley for class president. After an ad by Melissa, Jody drops out and persuades June to run for class president while she's the manager. Unfortunately, her school comes under extreme peril when Thor appears to pursue a Vindolf Hobgoblin that is hiding in the school. Now June might catch the Vindolf Hobgoblin before Thor destroys the school.moreless
    • Feets Too Big
      Feets Too Big
      Episode 4
      A Bigfoot captures June and Roger's parents, and Dennis, during a camping trip. June ends up befriending the only female Bigfoot in order to find them.
    • Water We Fighting For?
      The magical water is being stolen from Orchid Bay by a water bottle company, so June goes to Aqualandia to find it's king named Agatorius and set things right. Meanwhile, a protest goes around to protect the "Burping Snails."
    • Who's Your Daddy?
      Marcus gets jealous of the new boy Taylor Evermore who likes June. Unfortunately, Taylor is the son of Loki who seeks to escape from the Netherworld and traps June in his place.
    • Party Monsters
      Party Monsters
      Episode 1
      It's Ah-Mah's birthday, and the entire Lee family is here to celebrate it including monster friends of Ah-Mah, but things become weird when a crystal sphere begins to transform all the members of Lee family into monsters.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1