The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 4

Feets Too Big

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Feets Too Big
A Bigfoot captures June and Roger's parents, and Dennis, during a camping trip. June ends up befriending the only female Bigfoot in order to find them.

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  • Wow, you can learn a lot from this episode.

    I did underestimate this episode the first time I saw the beginning, but after seeing the episode in its entirety, it showed a lot of facts I did not know in the animation world, including Lila interacting with the mountain lion and it seeing the monster. I will not be surprised to see Lila making another appearance in the series, but she may be in sasquach form. This episode was hilarious at times, even Ray Ray's crush enteratains me-its my kind of episode. I can see a long relationship between her and Juniper Lee. Who knows what mysteries and adventure they will encounter together?moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Michael Lee / Barry

Recurring Role

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Big Foot #5

Recurring Role

Alexander Polinsky

Alexander Polinsky

Chief Richie / Big Foot #2

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Charlie Paulsen was credited as Big Foot #1.

    • The episode is very similar to an issue of series creator Judd Winick's comic-book series Barry Ween, Boy Genius (vol. 3, issue 2 to be precise). The comic-book version had the same title as the episode, and the plot is very similar.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Bigfoot: Somebody should tell the king.
      Bigfoot King: But I'm the king.
      Bigfoot: You're the king? Hey that's great!
      Bigfoot King: What's great? (Monroe blasts them with a wand)
      June: Monroe!
      Monroe: Sorry lass, but it was getting to be a wee bit annoying.
      Bigfoot: What's great is you're the king!
      Bigfoot King:I'm the king?
      Bigfoot: You're the king, hey that's great! (Ray Ray blasts them with the wand)
      June: Monroe!
      Ray Ray: Sorry, that was me.

    • Lila: (about movies) And why do they always gotta blow everything up?!

    • Lila: I'm not really magical I'm just a dumb animal, and all animals can see magical beings.

    • Monroe: Lad, what are you doing?!
      Ray Ray: (carrying some baby lion cubs) I'm savin' the kittens!

    • Ray Ray: Y'know what the best part of campin' is though?
      Roger: What?
      Ray Ray: Goin' to the bathroom, OUTSIDE.
      Roger: Oh yeah, just livin' it up in nature's giant restroom!

    • June: What are they doing?
      Monroe: They're running for president, what's it look like they're doing!? (Roger and Ray Ray are playing in the mud)

    • Charlie Paulsen: Everybody comfy?
      Dennis: (who is hanging upside down) No.

    • Dennis: (gathering firewood) I'll bet that turkey doesn't taste like feet. (a shadow comes over him, he sees it's a sasquatch, it roars) AHHHHHHHH!!!! (cut to their campsite)
      Michael: There it is again.
      Mr. Radcliff: No, it's a different animal, but no less cowardly. (Dennis comes running and screaming out of the woods, and jumps into Mr. Radcliff's arms)
      Michael: Dennis! Son! What's wrong?
      Mr. Radcliff: (starts breathing in and out) Deep breath kiddo, c'mon, and try to maintain bladder control.
      Michael: Son what are you screaming about? (Dennis points to the sasquatch and screams, Michael and Mr. Radcliff scream too)

    • Ray Ray: (about his trunks) Seriously, it's like a landfill in here! ...I'm gonna take 'em off. (screaming is heard as he is about to) Alright! I won't take 'em off! Geesh!

    • Lila: We better hurry though, it's gonna drop like, 20 degrees when the sun goes down, and I don't think your parents are dressed for it.

    • Dennis: (eating dried food) This tastes like feet.
      Barbara: Oh, stop complaining.
      Mrs. Radcliff: I didn't really like that store-bought dried food, so I made my own. (puts water on trays, a huge turkey dinner appears from it) I just hope the stuffing isn't too dry.
      Dennis: Whoa. (starts to go over, Barbara stops him)
      Barbara: Don't even think about it. Just go get some firewood, we'll roast hotdogs.

    • Barbara: Dennis, put that away, we didn't come camping with Roger's parents just so you could play video games the whole time.

    • Ray Ray: Ya sure ya wanna do this Lila?
      Lila: Yeah, I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life.
      June: Okay well, this is an expholiax
      charm, it'll get rid of all the uh...extra
      Monroe: Alright, all ready. (performs the spell, everybody looks surprised)
      Lila: How do I look?
      June: (hands Lila a mirror) See for yourself. (Lila gasps at what she sees)
      Lila: I'm-
      Ray Ray: Beautiful.
      Monroe: Aye, she is.
      Lila: (happy) Oh, look at me.

    • Monroe: (to Ray Ray) You like the Bigfoot girl, don't you?

    • Dennis: (talking about nature) It is such a waste. Right here could be a mini-mall... or at least a taco stand.

    • Lila: You ever dress 50 sasquatches who haven't bathed for a whole winter? It's not exactly a picnic.

    • June: And because you love her. (She and Monroe laugh)
      June: Oh come on, it's cute.

  • NOTES (12)


    • Character Name: Charlie Paulsen

      His name is similar to Charlie Gordan, a man who had experimental brain surgery done to make himself smarter, it worked but later on it wore off.

    • Character Name: Lila

      Her name is somewhat pronounced the same as to Leela from Futurama. They have the same name and are the only compentant person in a group.

    • Monroe and Ray Ray were conversing about her as a Wookiee and it gives reference to the Star Wars characters that are found in movie episodes 3 - 6. Prominently, Lila is alluded to Chewbacca before she turns into human form.

    • Episode Title: Feets Too Big

      A reference to the famous Fats Waller song, "Your Feet's Too Big."