The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 4

Feets Too Big

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Charlie Paulsen was credited as Big Foot #1.

    • The episode is very similar to an issue of series creator Judd Winick's comic-book series Barry Ween, Boy Genius (vol. 3, issue 2 to be precise). The comic-book version had the same title as the episode, and the plot is very similar.

  • Quotes

    • Bigfoot: Somebody should tell the king.
      Bigfoot King: But I'm the king.
      Bigfoot: You're the king? Hey that's great!
      Bigfoot King: What's great? (Monroe blasts them with a wand)
      June: Monroe!
      Monroe: Sorry lass, but it was getting to be a wee bit annoying.
      Bigfoot: What's great is you're the king!
      Bigfoot King:I'm the king?
      Bigfoot: You're the king, hey that's great! (Ray Ray blasts them with the wand)
      June: Monroe!
      Ray Ray: Sorry, that was me.

    • Lila: (about movies) And why do they always gotta blow everything up?!

    • Lila: I'm not really magical I'm just a dumb animal, and all animals can see magical beings.

    • Monroe: Lad, what are you doing?!
      Ray Ray: (carrying some baby lion cubs) I'm savin' the kittens!

    • Ray Ray: Y'know what the best part of campin' is though?
      Roger: What?
      Ray Ray: Goin' to the bathroom, OUTSIDE.
      Roger: Oh yeah, just livin' it up in nature's giant restroom!

    • June: What are they doing?
      Monroe: They're running for president, what's it look like they're doing!? (Roger and Ray Ray are playing in the mud)

    • Charlie Paulsen: Everybody comfy?
      Dennis: (who is hanging upside down) No.

    • Dennis: (gathering firewood) I'll bet that turkey doesn't taste like feet. (a shadow comes over him, he sees it's a sasquatch, it roars) AHHHHHHHH!!!! (cut to their campsite)
      Michael: There it is again.
      Mr. Radcliff: No, it's a different animal, but no less cowardly. (Dennis comes running and screaming out of the woods, and jumps into Mr. Radcliff's arms)
      Michael: Dennis! Son! What's wrong?
      Mr. Radcliff: (starts breathing in and out) Deep breath kiddo, c'mon, and try to maintain bladder control.
      Michael: Son what are you screaming about? (Dennis points to the sasquatch and screams, Michael and Mr. Radcliff scream too)

    • Ray Ray: (about his trunks) Seriously, it's like a landfill in here! ...I'm gonna take 'em off. (screaming is heard as he is about to) Alright! I won't take 'em off! Geesh!

    • Lila: We better hurry though, it's gonna drop like, 20 degrees when the sun goes down, and I don't think your parents are dressed for it.

    • Dennis: (eating dried food) This tastes like feet.
      Barbara: Oh, stop complaining.
      Mrs. Radcliff: I didn't really like that store-bought dried food, so I made my own. (puts water on trays, a huge turkey dinner appears from it) I just hope the stuffing isn't too dry.
      Dennis: Whoa. (starts to go over, Barbara stops him)
      Barbara: Don't even think about it. Just go get some firewood, we'll roast hotdogs.

    • Barbara: Dennis, put that away, we didn't come camping with Roger's parents just so you could play video games the whole time.

    • Ray Ray: Ya sure ya wanna do this Lila?
      Lila: Yeah, I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life.
      June: Okay well, this is an expholiax
      charm, it'll get rid of all the uh...extra
      Monroe: Alright, all ready. (performs the spell, everybody looks surprised)
      Lila: How do I look?
      June: (hands Lila a mirror) See for yourself. (Lila gasps at what she sees)
      Lila: I'm-
      Ray Ray: Beautiful.
      Monroe: Aye, she is.
      Lila: (happy) Oh, look at me.

    • Monroe: (to Ray Ray) You like the Bigfoot girl, don't you?

    • Dennis: (talking about nature) It is such a waste. Right here could be a mini-mall... or at least a taco stand.

    • Lila: You ever dress 50 sasquatches who haven't bathed for a whole winter? It's not exactly a picnic.

    • June: And because you love her. (She and Monroe laugh)
      June: Oh come on, it's cute.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Character Name: Charlie Paulsen

      His name is similar to Charlie Gordan, a man who had experimental brain surgery done to make himself smarter, it worked but later on it wore off.

    • Character Name: Lila

      Her name is somewhat pronounced the same as to Leela from Futurama. They have the same name and are the only compentant person in a group.

    • Monroe and Ray Ray were conversing about her as a Wookiee and it gives reference to the Star Wars characters that are found in movie episodes 3 - 6. Prominently, Lila is alluded to Chewbacca before she turns into human form.

    • Episode Title: Feets Too Big

      A reference to the famous Fats Waller song, "Your Feet's Too Big."