The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 3

It Takes a Pillage

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 12, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • June must fight her friends that have been posessed by Viking sprits.

    In this episode, Juniper must fight her friends and get them back to normal.

    It starts off as June and her friends sing at a reteriment home. Roger then accidently comes across a cursed viking medallion that ends up posessing the eniter chours. The now possesed kids take off to find the other half of the medallion to make this change complete. June manages to chase them to an outlet mall on an island in the middle of the bay. There the vikings are searching for the medalion. the climax is a fight between June and the posessed Jody for the medallion.

    This had enough action, but the plot line wasn't one of my favorites. It seem more like a filler episode then anything else. Like it was just some idea someone through out there and they went with it. It was good, but just not one of my favorites.
  • June goes Medieval

    As much as June tries to hide her activities as the Te Xuan Ze from her friends, those duties seem to find them on occassion.

    Here's the premise of this episode - June and her classmates (including Jodie, Roger, and Ophelia), are singing chorus for a retirement home, when Roger finds a broken medallion - being the poor judge of character he is, he decides to wear it, and before the first song is played, a curse causes evil Viking spirits to possess June's friends! (Their leader, naturally, chooses Jodie.) Now June has to find the other half of the medallion before they do, or her friends' bodies will be stolen forever! In the meantime, the Vikings use the kids' bodies to good use, tearing the town apart.

    Of course, it isn't easy trying to fight your friends; the climax of the story is a fight between June and the possessed Jodie. You kind of expect it to end with June trying to get through to her and Jodie resisting. You'd be wrong - the episode doesn't do that, and June has to break the curse completely to save everyone.

    There are a lot of laughs, as usual. We find out that Monroe watches soaps, and we get a look at the stranger side of Orchid Bay. (Apparently, someone decided to build an outlet mall in the middle of the bay.) The Vikings interacting with the citizens (some are scared of them, some are indifferent), are pretty funny.

    I give "It Takes a Pillage" 8 out of 10.