The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 1

It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee
Monster children turn into humans on Halloween.

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  • It isn\\\'t really a Halloween special, and its different from the usual episodes, but its fun nonetheless.

    The episode is three different cartoons of varying quality tied together. The opening segment is the only one that directly deals with Halloween and has June and her friends going out trick-or-treating. Its fun to see the costumes everyone chooses (June goes as Elvis-the Vegas Elvis-and you\\\'ve got to see it to believe it!) The middle segment has June going to the ends of the magical realms trying to make trades for the item she needs to reverse a spell. This is the old \\\"trading chain\\\" plot done before in sitcoms and cartoons, and I think it goes on too long. The third segment has our heroine in the wrestling ring against a huge opponent. This segment seems to be inspired by the old Looney Tunes and is surprising in two respects: June (who up to now always won her battles with ease) gets clobbered; second, she finds herself on the receiving end of a good deal of cartoon violence. The violence doesn\\\'t come across as hurtful, and its fun to see how the animators distort June\\\'s features as the match continues. My one complaint about this segment was Monroe\\\'s utter cluelessness during the match- he watches as June walks around in a semi-conscious daze and assumes she is just playing to the crowd. Ultimately a fun episode, one that seems a lot different from the rest of series

Cynthia Songe

Cynthia Songe

Guy / Monster Human Child #2

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Announcer, Cletus, Smoothie Monster

Guest Star

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Gussie / Shoe Shine Goblin

Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Barber / Mrs. Lee

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Fight Promoter / Lord Balthezul

Recurring Role

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    • (Jody screams and runs at the same time, June goes over and pulls Ray Ray's mask off)
      Ray Ray: You weren't scared? (Jody runs by screaming)
      June: No.
      Ray Ray: Not even for a second? (Jody runs by screaming again)
      June: Huh-uh.
      Ray Ray: A naner second? (Jody runs by screaming again)
      June: Nope. (Ray Ray's monster mask falls off a tree branch and lands in Jody's arms, she screams) Ya sure gave Jody a coniption though.
      Ray Ray: What's a coniption? (Jody runs and screams into a tree) Cool, coniptions rock.

    • Jody: Hey, maybe for Halloween, we could rent a scary movie?
      June: No way, you'll freak out.
      Jody: Will not. (Ray Ray jumps out of the bushes in an alien costume, Jody screams and hides behind June) It's gonna eat our brains! Now I'm never gonna get into college!
      June: Oh please with your grades you'll totally pass the S.A.T.'s.
      Jody: Grades aren't gonna help me if my brain is eaten!

    • Ray Ray: We've only got limited trick-or-treat time until your bracelet beeps and ya have to go kick some monster's butt.
      June: It doesn't beep it glows.

    • June: Happy Halloween baby, thank you very much.
      Jody: June that's so cute! ...What are you again?
      June: I'm Elvis, Jody, y'know the King of Rock 'n Roll? (Roger comes over)
      Roger: Hey guys, how's it goin?
      Jody: What are you supposed to be?
      Roger: I'm an Abraham Lincoln, werewolf, robot, on rollerskates! Awhoooo! Beep beep! For score, and seven years ago!
      June: Couldn't decide on a costume again this year?
      Roger: Yeah, but it's bette than Ophelia, she's not even wearing a costume! (Ophelia comes over)
      Ophelia: Sure I am, I'm dressed as, cooler than you.

    • Ray Ray: Whoa, that is sad.
      June: OH, yeah.

    • Ray Ray: So whaddya all the monsters do on Halloween? Do ya guys throw a big party or something?
      June: (looking at monster kids turned into humans) Well there's one, and another, and there's some over there.
      Ray Ray: Are they behind those kids?
      June: No, they ARE the kids. Since all the human kids go out trick-or-treating, all the monster kids go out and do human stuff.

    • June: Did I mention how much I hate Halloween?

    • Ray Ray: That's right, believe it. This is the ABC's of me, baby!

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