The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 1

It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 30, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To
June has been doing her Te Xuan Ze business for just over a month, and it's become a real hassle for her. She's managed to flake out on her friends on a regular basis and, has managed to acquire a reputation for being weird. And now, one of her best friends, Jody, is having a birthday party. June gets called away because the Leprechauns have let loose the Racatan. Despite begging Ah-Mah to help out, June is forced to skip the party and save Orchid Bay City again.moreless

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  • Love This Episode

    This is the only Juniper Lee episode I have fully seen, believe it or not. I never watched this show consistently during its run on Cartoon Network. Someone gave me a Cartoon Network DVD sampler that had this episode, the HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi episode "Koi Fish", along with shows like Foster's and Camp Lazlo. Even though I haven't really watched this series, I am desperate to download it from iTunes. This episode is great and really has fantastic potential that is executed well. Juniper Lee is a very likable character, ESPECIALLY considering she is voiced by one of my favorite voice actors, Lara Jill Miller, who also did Clifford on Clifford's Puppy Days. She's trying to balance a life of fighting crime/monsters and living a normal life, but she doesn't come across as a whiny, belligerent jerk. When she's telling her grandma that she constantly misses a lot of important events because she has to fight monsters all of the time, she's not doing it in a way that makes me groan in pain. Also, the animation and style really make this show better. Overall, this episode is why Cartoon Network should come back to making shows like this, and not Adventure Time.moreless
  • Juniper Lee goes to Jody's Birthday party when a ravinous, rude, rodent demon starts eating all of the trees.

    It must be hard for Juniper Lee to be a normal eleven year old girl and a gaurdian of the human and magical worlds. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't able to handle the pressure. Then again I'm not the Te Xuan Ze. LOL! At least Ah ma, Monroe, and Ray Ray give help to make her job less challenging, at least until she gets older. It's just so sad that Juniper wouldn't be able to leave her hometown until there is a new Te Xuan Ze. But what's really perplexes me is how could someone as creative, brave, and fun as Ah Ma raise such a boring person like Juniper's dad?moreless
  • A nice way to show what this show is all about.

    PLOT IN SHORT: June is preparing herself to go to her best friend's birthday party. Everything goes smoothly until a tall dwarf appears, announcing that he and other dudes released a terrible monster. Sadly June has to cut the party short and deal with this new threat, before the mutant hamster will demolish the entire city!

    As I stated, this episode clearly shows what this show is all about: there's a lot of humor, some action at the end and a very wacky storyline. The art isn't anything special, but for some reason I enjoyed this ep and it convinced me to give the whole serie a chance... and I'm glad I did!moreless
  • A great opening story with nonstop comedy and action.

    This is a very fun and funny story. Like a great pilot episode should be, it briefly tells its audience what the show is about and takes us right to the action and jokes. The star, Juniper Lee, has a younger brother, Ray Ray, and he is having such a blast, you can't help but get excited with him.

    At the same time, though, we feel for our heroine, Juniper, because the responsibilities of her job as the Te Xuan Ze, or protector of the balance between the normal world and the unseen magic world, seem way too much for a child. She's still new to it but is handling it greatly.moreless
  • Really, I was expecting less of this serie, but when I saw this chapter, I found it was better what I though. This show is good, specially because Juniper reflex how much she wants a normal life, and the consequences of the duty.moreless

    Really, I was expecting less of this serie, but when I saw this chapter, I found it was better what I though. This show is good, specially because Juniper reflex how much she wants a normal life, and the consequences of the duty. I don't know what people expect of something to be a good serie, anime graphics?, violence ans super powers?, story is the main, and a well developed character, and Juniper Lee is exactly that, a character that you could think is alive.moreless
Billy West

Billy West

Jeff the Leprechaun

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Girl #1

Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Girl #2

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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Girl #3

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • According to voice actor Lara Jill Miller, she spoke in a personal interview that she is glad to be reunited with her former Digimon co-voice actor, Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • June: (talking on the phone with Ophelia) You didn't get her another skull candle, did you? Ophelia: No. (removes ribbon from candle and throws it over shoulder, then places it on a cd) Oh look, I made her a mix.

    • Jody: (after June gives her the present after she missed the party) June, we've got leftover cake in the kitchen. (Ray Ray and Monroe pop out of nowhere)
      Both: Cake. (both June and Jody laugh, they all go inside)

    • June: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!
      (everyone looks at June)

    • Monroe: Why are you carrying around a Barasafer in your knapsack?!
      June: Because you never know if you're going to need it. Besides, they're harmless. They only attack evil beings. Despite our vicious sarcasm, we don't qualify.
      (June stows the Barasafer in her knapsack)
      June: Oh, Ray Ray, think you can hold Jodi's present in your knapsack?
      Ray Ray: I'd rather have the genie!
      June: Would you rather have a wedgie so fierce you'll stop growing?
      (Ray Ray gets a glum look on his face)
      Ray Ray: Give me the present...

    • Ah-Mah: Guess what I bought off a fur-backed mountant goblin?
      June: Another fake moose head.
      Ah-Mah: Another fake moose head! Man, it's ugly, isn't it!

    • Monroe: (wrapping present) Now, pull on the ribbon to give it a nice curl.
      Ray Ray: (giggles) You're kinda girlie.
      Monroe: And who's going to a birthday party with his older sister?
      Ray Ray: Touché.

    • Clown: (in goofy voice) Who wants a balloon animal?
      Ophelia: (stares for a few seconds) That is so sad.
      Clown: (in normal voice) Hey, you think I want this gig? I've got a master's degree from Yale. It's either this or putting up drywall with my father-in-law.
      Ophelia: Fair enough. I'll take a giraffe.
      Clown: Can't do giraffes. How 'bout a snake? (blows up a long balloon)
      Ophelia: Whatever.

    • June: Your mother hired a clown?
      Jody: It was the pony, a magician, or a clown.
      Ophelia: The lesser of three evils.

    • Ophelia: Nice octopus. Now, make me another.
      Clown: You're a vicious little girl, you know that?
      Ophelia: So I'm told. C'mon, sloppy octopus time.

    • Roger: I'm a volcano and I gots to burn! Ophelia! Dance with me!
      Ophelia: Roger, one, there's no music. Two, if there was music, I wouldn't like it. And three, no.

    • June: You know, I would like to go to a party just once without people thinking I'm clinically insane!
      Jeff: Yeah, tell me about it...

    • June: Oh, Ray Ray, would you hold Jody's present in your knapsack?
      Ray Ray: I'd rather have the genie!
      June: Would you rather have a wedgie so fierce you'll stop growing?
      Ray Ray: (glumly) Gimme the present...

    • Ray Ray: I'll bet Robin never has to put up with this...
      June: Yeah, but he lives in a cave with a depressed billionaire.

    • June: (shouting, after monster) Yeah, you better run! And don't come back, or you'll be wearing these size threes! Dork...

    • Ray Ray: Why do you have to go?
      June: Because my life is stupid, and leprechauns are dorks.

  • NOTES (5)