The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 10

I've Got You Under My Skin

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Getting a call from Ah-Mah telling June that that she will have to skip school to Mediate a treaty between Gnomes and Goblins . June Attempts to create a body double of herself with Monroe's help and a transmorgrafication spell. Ray Ray going down stairs, hears the spell and not wanting to be left out of seeing magic runs into June and is accidentally changed into Junes double. Thrilling him no end and enjoying the change right down to Junes swishy long hair. "Do I have superpowers too?" he shouts as he runs off screen and crashes into all kinds of stuff, that would be a no for superpowers. But now if Ray Ray doubles as June at school, who will replace Ray Ray? Monroe is not happy with the idea that he will be Ray Ray and runs, only to be cornered by Ray Ray/June as June changes him to RayRay.

If Ray Ray and Monroe can keep a low profile at school, they can pull this off. But Ray Ray and low profile just don't mix. His natural antics show through inspite of both his and Monroes attempts to lose their accents and adopt the real June and Ray Ray' manners. He ignores Marcus, and asks Junes friends, Ophelia, Jodi and Roger, if they think his/Junes hair looks "extra bouncy today?". Promting Ophelia to ask "ok, who are you and what have you done with June"

In Class, Monroe has Ray Ray looking like a brain as he correctly answers questions to the surprise of the teacher. Ray Ray hasn't a clue when asked about the Boston Tea Party and his crazy answer has him sent to the principle.

Now the Goblins have other plans besides the treaty. Get rid of Ah-Mah, June and Monroe. Locking June in a room with a large monster and sending another baddy to the school. June easily smacks down both monster and goblins and learns of the pending trouble heading for Ray Ray and Monroe. Seeing the monsters approach, Ray Ray helps Monroe out of class with a tunafish sandwich and a student who hurls at the smell of tunafish, yuck.

On their own Monroe and Ray Ray decide they can cope if Ray Ray can keep the monster busy. Ray Ray says"are you kidding, with legs this long I can outrun a greyhound". Ray Ray runs rings around the monster, who starts looking exhausted to the point RayRay needs to encourage it to keep chasing him. Monroe arrives with a wand from Junes pack and they trap the monster by turning the sand box to quicksand as June arrives to save them and is a little disappointed that she wasn't needed after all.