The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 10

I've Got You Under My Skin

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another perfect 10, this episode was very funny.

    This episode starts out with June getting ready for school, however, Ah-mah calls and says she won't ne able to make it to a meeting and June must fill in for her. But in order not to miss school and still attend the meeting, June must create a double-body. With help from Monroe, they manage to create a spell that does the trick but Ray-Ray gets in the way at the last minute and is turned into June. In order to save her reputation, June tries to pretend to be sick so her parents will let her stay home. Unfortunately her mom doesn't buy it and Ray-Ray must fill in for her. Monroe ends up filling in for Ray-Ray but nobody fills up for him(Monroe is insulted by this). June goes to the meeting but later finds out that it was all a hoax to get rid of her and her grandmother (and to a lesser extent Monroe). The demons lock June in a dungeon with a monster but she easily defeats it. Then she hurries to the school after hearing the demons sent another monster there to destroy her, fearing for her brother and Monroe. Meanwhile, Ray-Ray and Monroe find out about the monster but Monroe can't leave the classroom because the teacher always has to keep an eye on Ray-Ray. Monroe manages to get out of the classroom with a little help from Ray-Ray, and they defeat the monster. June shows up on her bike looking for it, but sees her brother and Monroe have taken care of the problem. At midnight, Monroe concocts a potion that will turn them back to normal. June is threatening Ray-Ray if her reputation is damaged when she goes back to school. Monroe does get the spell to work but only for himself, by accident June and Ray-Ray are turned into Monroe clones which Monroe thinks are "gorgeous". Ray-Ray wants to go back to his normal self until he sees that he has a tail, but June still wants to turn back so she starts chasing him around the room because he has the wand.