The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 6

Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • I loved it! Great episode!

    This episode was great! Of course you find yourself saying awwwww at the little monster, but ends up being evil... I can under stand that though. I like Lila she's great. I know the feeling of not exactly fitting in. But I like to stand out. Lila is great character. Of course I like June also! I liked it over all, it was good, I will defitately watch the next one! I always look forward to new episodes of my favorite shows! Though 2 of them were tooken off recently... Over all it's a great episode for a really awsome show that I love to watch.
  • Makeovers and Blackouts

    This marks the third time in a row that Lila appears. Anyway, June and Lila have been invited to Jody’s slumber party. Rachel is still one nasty girl towards others. I like the part when Lila growls at Rachel just to scare her and Ophelia was impressed with Lila. One of the most hilarious running gags is that Roger with his different hairstyles gets mauled by an animal. During their slumber party, a strange meteor collided onto Earth; there was another type of magical creature inside it. It may look cute, but it’s definitely evil; and it intends to release the other monsters that can’t be banished. His voice was quite deep to sound like a mean old man. Luckily Ray Ray and Monroe showed up to help out June and Lila. Dealing with the Monotuk wasn’t that hard, and our heroes got to fight the Banticores.

    I think this episode was quite funny and sweet. Lila didn’t feel like she was going to fit in with the humans, but June told her that it’s going to be okay. I just hope that Lila stays human forever. I like her better as a human girl than she was a hairy sasquatch.