The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 6

Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Lila: Now that you've dyed! And I don't mean dead died, I mean the other kinda-
      June: Yeah I get it.

    • June: So, what's wrong with him?
      Monroe: Nothing, he's fakin' it.
      Lila: (to June) Told ya.
      June: Isn't there any way to see if he's evil or not?
      Monroe: Well there is one way, peel 'em like a grape!
      Lila: (pulling on a rubber glove) With pleasure.

    • June: Lila, don't worry about it. My friends are some of the nicest kids you'll ever meet.
      Jody: I hate everyone and everything!!

    • Lila: Look if I go now, nobody'll notice.
      June: Lila, calm down, everything's going to be okay. (Jody sticks her head out the door)
      Jody: Run! Don't look back! Save yourselves! (Rachel pushes her away and opens the door)
      Rachel: Move it maggots! Move, move, move!

    • Rachel: (sweetly) Slumber party, who doesn't love a good slumber party? (gets angry) ME that's who! Especially since I got put on dweeb duty! So nobody bother me or else! (gets in Lila's face) Got it?! (Lila growls at her, Rachel backs off) Right.
      Ophelia: Please tell me you can teach me that.

    • Lila: Number one rule when living in the woods, bad smell; no go.
      June: Well, we're not in the woods anymore.

    • Lila: (she sniffs the monster) But he smells really funky. (June sniffs him too)
      June: Okay, so he's not exactly a walking air freshener, that's still not a good reason to leave him --
      Lila: No, I'm mean bad smell, as in up to no good smell.

    • June: That's a lot of lipstick for a dog.
      Monroe: Well, sometimes I like to feel pretty!

    • Ophelia: Gee, when did I get invited to Dorkville?

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    • Episode Title: Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

      It is a spoof of George Michael's 1984 song, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

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