The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 4

New Trickster in Town

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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New Trickster in Town
June battles the god of pranks and lies.

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  • April Fool’s Day in Orchid Bay

    This is one of my favorite April Fool’s Day episodes. In the beginning of this episode, June told the Trulekians were on their mission to summon Loki, the god of lies and pranks. However the situation was turned the other way around. Those demons were supposed to stop Loki from plaguing the whole world. My favorite parts were seeing June being pranks by Terry the Trickster. She also finds out that Loki was overshadowing Terry the whole time, and decides to fight him. At the end, Thor arrives just in time to banish Loki back into the Nether Realm.

    It was the best April Fool’s Day episode I’ve ever watched. I hope Judd Winick can make more new holiday episodes really soon.moreless
  • the funnyman is in town

    this episode is zanny to the core it show that she isn't all powerful and the villan is clever



    "oh im sorry it was nixon richard nixon"

    hilarious frf frf f-f-funny and thor was cool man

    june has friends like that who would be dumb enuff

    to be her enemy the end
Rip Taylor

Rip Taylor

Horrifying Monster

Guest Star

Billy West

Billy West

Terry the Trickster

Guest Star

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Floor Director

Recurring Role

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock


Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Loki: I'm twelve thousand years old. What am I, stupid?

    • Loki: Guess who's running at full power baby?!

    • June: (after Thor got rid of Loki) Uh, excuse me, Thor?
      Thor: Please, call me T-Money.
      June: Uh, ok, T-Money, ya think you could fix my town?
      Thor: Oh sure, no problemo. (uses his hammer to turn everything back to normal)

    • Loki: (to Thor): Mom always liked you best!

    • Loki: And now, for the Underworld's favorite game show...
      Loki and Audience: "Let's Save Humanity!"

    • Loki: And let's see what's behind door #2, (the curtain opens) it's a lifetime supply of ham! And now, behind door #3 is, congratulations Juniper Lee, you've won! (a huge monster jumps out at her, she starts to fight it)
      June: I thought you said I won!
      Loki: Hello! King of Lies! Geesh, how many times do I have to say it?

    • June: Why'd you take over the Trickster?
      Loki: Well look at him, I didn't exactly do it to pick up chicks.

    • June: (banishing the Trulekian Trolls) Ah quan lahts reh tap soo! Ah quan lahts reh tap soo! Ah quan lahts reh tap soo!

    • Ophelia: What's no bad mojo?
      June: Oh... the, uh, tattoo I'm gonna put on my back, in large letters. "No bad mojo!"
      Ophelia: Dude... that is so hardcore.
      June: Well, you know me. Hardcore.

    • June: Guess I'll see you next year, Terry.
      Terry the Trickster: Try to stop me. (closes door)

    • June: Hey, I know bad mojo. I've been up to my neck in bad mojo, and this is no bad mojo.

    • Loki: All right, let's begin Round One, shall we? (Wheel of Fortune puzzle sounder plays) The question is: Banana.
      June: Uh, that's not a question.
      Loki: Isn't it? (Buzzer sounds) I'm sorry, the answer is Nixon. Richard Nixon.

    • June: What's the matter, girl? No yoga class tonight?

    • June: (fighting monster) I thought you said I won!
      Loki: King of LIES! Geesh, how many times do I have to say it?

    • June: You took over the Trickster's body so you could sneak into town undetected.
      Loki: (looks down at Terry) Well, look at him. I didn't exactly do it to pick up chicks.

  • NOTES (7)


    • The wolf June was fighting was most likely Fenris, the wolf god who tried to kill Odin.

    • Episode Title: New Trickster in Town
      The title is derived from the expression used in a lot of shows: "There's a new man in town".

    • Character: Terry the Trickster
      Terry looks an awful lot like Jay Sherman, the main character from "The Critic".

    • Question: Sound Effect
      Listen closely when Loki asks "Banana." The backround sound is taken from the puzzle sounder on Wheel of Fortune.

    • Ray Ray: Except you didn't spit pea soup and your head didn't do a 360!

      Ray Ray is referring to Regan McTavish (Linda Blair) who was possessed in The Exorcist.

    • Thor: Mythology
      In Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder and considered one of the most powerful of the Aesir (Norse gods). He was usually depicted as a large man with red hair and eyes of lightning, and rode the heavens in a chariot pulled by a pair of goats. He created thunder and lightning by tossing his great hammer Mjollnir. His appearance in this episode closely matches the Norse depictions.

    • Loki: Mythology
      In Norse mythology, Loki was the god of chaos, mischief, lies, and in later myths, evil.

      He began as the blood brother of the King of the Asgardians, Odin. In early myths, Loki was often heroic, usually acting as Thor's partner on many adventures. However, sinister nature was in early myths, as shown when he spawned three infamous demons - Hela, the goddess of death, the Fenris Wolf, and the Midgard Serpent.

      Eventually, Loki's mischief became malicious. He became a treacherous rake who seduced many goddesses, even the wives of his fellow Asgardians.

      Eventually, Loki's ultimate crime occured - the murder of the beloved god Baldur. A spell cast by Baldur's mother made him immune to all weapons, and when that became well known, the other gods made a game out of throwing weapons at him. But Loki found out that Baldur could still be harmed by weapons made of mistletoe, and he tricked a blind god named Hoder into shooting him with an arrow made of it, killing him.

      Loki was eventually found out and apprehended. The gods chained him to a rock in a cave, with a serpent dripping venom over his head. His wife tried to aid him by catching the venom in a cup, but often she had to empty it, and his pain caused him to writhe, causing earthquakes.

      Myths predict that at the time of Ragnarok, the last battle of the gods, Loki will lead the forces of evil against the forces of light.