The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 1

Party Monsters

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Party Monsters
It's Ah-Mah's birthday, and the entire Lee family is here to celebrate it including monster friends of Ah-Mah, but things become weird when a crystal sphere begins to transform all the members of Lee family into monsters.

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    James Hong

    James Hong

    Uncle Eddie

    Guest Star

    Gwendoline Yeo

    Gwendoline Yeo

    Aunt Lily / Cousin Lisa

    Guest Star

    Alexander Polinsky

    Alexander Polinsky

    Charlie / Gilron

    Recurring Role

    Amy Hill

    Amy Hill

    Aunt Rose

    Recurring Role

    Carlos Alazraqui

    Carlos Alazraqui

    Michael Lee / Mitch

    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (8)

      • Barbara: (to Michael) Why does your family always come here, AND EAT LIKE THEY'VE BEEN ON A STARVING ISLAND?!

      • Ah-Mah: Ray Ray, get these guys a drink! Just put the gifts with the family's presents.
        Ray Ray: But they didn't give you any presents.
        Ah-Mah: Imagine that. (Aunt Lily and Rose see Ah-Mah petting nothing in the backyard)
        Aunt Lily: Look at her, age has finally gotten to the poor thing.
        Aunt Rose: Yeah, at least she still has her looks. (they laugh)

      • Aunt Lily: Jasmine, what happened to you? You look so old! And fat!
        Aunt Rose: A lotta junk in the trunk. (Ray Ray runs up to them)
        Ray Ray: Uh Ah-Mah, we got onsters may, in the ackyard bay.
        Ah-Mah: What?
        Ray Ray: We got ONSTERS-MAY in the ACKYARD-BAY. (a silent moment) We got monsters in the backyard.

      • Gilron: (about turning her relatives back to normal) Ya sure you wanna do this?
        Ah-Mah: Nobody drives me crazier than the people right here. But they are my family, return them to me.
        Aunt Lily: How'd we get here?
        Aunt Rose: I'll betcha it was Jasmine. She'll probably stuff us all in the back of her trunk next.
        Ah-Mah: Change them back!
        June: Ah-Mah.
        Ah-Mah: I'm not joking (tries to take the orb from Gilron, he hides behind June here give it to me, I'll do it myself!

      • Ah-Mah: Some party this turned out to be.
        Gilron: (in a creepy voice) Oh what's the matter Jasmine, didn't you get everything you wanted for your birthday? (in a normal voice) Seriously didja like it? I mean you're always talkin' about how you like ta hang out with monsters better than people so I thought, ding! The (insert magical item here), guaranteed ta turn any humans into monsters!
        Ah-Mah: Gilron.
        Gilron: What? Oh I knew it! I should've gotten you earrings! Earrings woulda worked right?

      • June: (about cousin Lisa) She just thinks she's all that 'cause she models for cars.

      • Ah-Mah: Some party this turn out to be.

      • Ah-Mah: (About Baby Cousin David) He's only 3.
        June: Oh, please, he's such a spoiled brat!
        (Cousin David grabs June)
        Ah-Mah: I guess he heard you.

    • NOTES (6)

      • Credits: Jody talks about her job as a school newspaper editor to Uncle Eddie.

      • We learned that the name of June's mom is Barbara.

      • First appearance of June's older cousin Lisa, who although she is just a swimsuit model for car magazines, considers herself an actress.

      • June's relatives are:

        Aunt Lily and Aunt Rose - Ah-Mah's older sisters who's are jealous of her youth
        Cousin Mitch - Likes cars
        Uncle Eddie - Only speaks Chinese and likes Ginger Ale
        Cousin Lisa - A car model
        Baby Cousin David - Ah-Mah's Nephew and June's Cousin

      • This episode premired on Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian (these 3 coutnries have the same CN shows and episodes) was on the 17th of May (I have a review about "Dream Date" where I mentioned this episode, that can proove this).

      • The premiere of this episode was in Mexico 5/26/06

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