The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 4

Picture Day

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

An evil demoness decides to make clones of June and her friends on picture day at school, so she sends her flunky to take the phtographer's placeBut he got the wrong kids but instead of distroying them she used them as a lure to capture june. the find june but try to lure june with lies but the all failed due to the little info they knew about her family so they knocked her out and sent her to her hide out june asked her about her plan She then plans to use June's powers to free her father, Cordath the Conquerer, from magical banishment June would not coperate so she use an evil clone . Meanwhile, the cloned June is in the real Juniper's room.Ray-Ray sees june acting too nice and see how usless she was anginst a demon.June escapse thanks to Roger and warns Ray-Ray about the clone but to no avail The clone comes back to the hideout but is stopped by June the minion see a catfight about to happen and prepared a camera with some punches and kicks and some sweet pics Ray-Ray comes to Stopped them all with a Banishment stone but from afar they look the same Can Ray Ray and Monroe tell them apart? .No. but Ray-Ray Hears the real June call him an "idiot" while the fake cheered him on in cliched ways and saw the fake just then and banished her but it was too late Cordoth appeared but let himself go! with him out of shape he just surrendered with his daughter to banishment Ray-Ray explains how he knew

and they went home. Later they remember the other clones