The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 4

Picture Day

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Two Junes in One Episode?!

    It is picture day for June, Ray Ray and the other kids at school. I got to see June in several different hairstyles, but I like it when she either had her hair down or made into a ponytail. Anyway, the Unnamed Demoness tries to free her father, Cordoth the Conqueror, from his life long banishment. She took pictures of the kids, including June, and clone them. She used the Juniper Lee duplicate as a spy to snoop into the real June's home. At the end, two Junes battle against each other. Ray Ray was able to tell which June is real other than the pimple she had on her forehead. It was pretty funny that Ray Ray dressed up like Lincoln during picture day.
  • June vs. June: the Catfight

    The unnamed demoness wanted to release her father from banishment by creating a clone of June. She disguises herself as a human photographer to capture June’s picture, and then animate her to life. In order to really tell which June is the real one, you’ll notice she had a pimple on her forehead the whole time. Plus she never say anything nice to her brother Ray Ray. That was one heck of a catfight between two Junes. I'm not sure if the Evil June Clone will ever come back, but I would like to see the real and fake Junes fight again.
  • catfight!!! Juniper Kim Lee V.S Evil Juniper Lee

    this episode was good the first part was amazing anf informitive

    Billy: punish her!!! i just love a good catfight!!

    the fight was anazing i would be taking pitures to the moves were incredible and when the clone wore her stuff is so like the fights at my schools and even though the villain susceded hte monster had gave up like auntie roon yes it was awsome i hope i can get screenshots
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