The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 4

Picture Day

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • June: Uh wait, we have to wait for Ray Ray.
      Jody: Ray Ray?
      Ophelia: Who's Ray Ray?
      Roger: Isn't that the dog? (June looks at them, surprised, then suspcious)
      Jody: Oh forget it. (freezes June with a spell)

    • June: Don't you think anybody's gonna notice that I'm missing?!
      Demoness: Missing? You're not missing, you're right here. (holds up a picture of June)

    • Demoness: (disguised as a human photographer) Take of the hat.
      Roger: I always wear this hat.
      Teacher: She said take it off! (Roger takes his hat off, revealing an afro)
      Demoness: Ok, put it back on.
      Roger: I can't without help.

    • June: Wait, I can't take a picture looking like this!
      Teacher: Ok then, you'll have to take a retake with honest Abe here. (points at Ray Ray)

    • (Jody tries to cover up June's pimple)
      Jody: You're not exactly my color. (June's face looks pale)
      Ophelia: I like it! It's very "Night of the Living Dead".

    • Ophelia: What will our founders say if they see us today?
      (Ray Ray appears in a disguise of Abraham Lincon)
      Ray Ray: Give me freedom or give me death!

    • (After June sees her mother hid the pimple with the foundation)
      June: My hair's too straight and I have a flat nose.
      Barbara: You are so pretty! Be proud of who you are, there's nobody else in the world who looks like you!
      June: Hooray for them.

    • Ophelia: (looks at her clone as she walks by) Poser.

    • Roger: Can you fly and shoot laser beams?
      June: (in a cage) Well, I can't do anything in here. (the clones let her out, she escapes, and then they stare)

    • Jody: Ophelia, you shouldn't drink iced tea. It'll stain your teeth!
      Ophelia: Yeah, exactly.

    • Monroe: Lass! Fancy another magic lesson?
      Evil June: Sorry, I'm evil. Ask Ray Ray

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