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  • Sonic

  • Not sure what to say...

    But what I do notice (I should've noticed this when I was a child) is that this show was a rip-off of "American Dragon: Jake Long". That's all I can say.
  • meh, its okay

    Its not the best show I've seen but its alright.
  • Pros of the Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, in a nutshell, is about an eleven year old Asian-American pre-teen who was chosen to be the newest Te-Xuan-Ze and restore the balance between the human and magical realms. She is aided by her grandmother, the former Te-Xuan-Ze, her talking dog, and younger brother.

    Alright, first off, this show is amazing and funny. June is very snarky and always as a witty remark ready. June, in my opinion, has similar quicks to Raven and Mandy.

    Second, this show is not a rip off of anything! The creator of this show said, in a interview, that this show was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is not a rip off of Kim Possible or American Dragon Jake Long. I watched both of these shows so I should know. The show is completely original. There aren't a lot of female superheroes because it is mainly men who dominate that role. Female superheroes like the Powerpuff Girls, Atomic Betty and others needed a role and you accepted them so why not Juniper Lee.

    Thirdly, if you are resorting to calling a cartoon character ugly and hideous than you seriously need to grow up. If have the time to compare what you think she looks like to animals and monsters in the show than you really need to grow up and get a life. If you're troubling over romance than you need to get it into your head that not every show is a anime!

    Fourthly, if you are complaining that this show is terrible than you, obliviously, haven't seen any of the new crap on CN like MAD. This show is not terrible and there are a lot of people who would agree with me on that. This was a great show that needed to be continued.

    Fifthly, if you complaining on how you think the animation is bad, then you really need to look at other shows. Certain aspects of animation doesn't change. Almost all shows have great animation. If you hate this show's animation Han you just hating seeing something different.

    Sixth, magic can be anything! Just because you grew thinking that magic was all about fairies, pixies and all of that stuff doesn't make it true. It called Fairy Tales for a reason you know. June fights monsters and demons because they are threatening the balance if the human and magic realms, it says this in the first episode! Do you really think a fairy or a pixie is going have a evil plan to destroy the world? No, didn't think so. This is why they have beginning episode, so you can understand what's going on.

    Lastly, if you don't like the show because you don't understand June's powers than RE-WATCH the first episode! She's the Te-Xuan-Ze. She gained echanced strength, echanced durability, echanced jumping, and others! If you pay attention than maybe you would know that. It's really easy to see that.

    Alright, I'm not sorry if this offended anyone because, frankly, if you are offended then you should be. You've already offended the show so it's karma time. Maybe if you weren't so childish then you wouldn't be offended. You can hate this all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you need to grow up. It's a sad, cold, truth.
  • I'm so glad this is no longer running on CN.

    This show was soooo crappy! A girl is running around killing a bunch of monsters. That's offisive to monster lovers all over the world! I can't stand to feel that that stupid girl never got her butt killed for messing with monsters. And did I metion how ugly she is?! Man! Her face looks like a frog! I'm glad I have good friends that agree with me that Juniper Lee is uglier then a mountin troll combind with a frog. This show should have never been created! It does set a fine example that CN is up to their ol' crappy tricks again. It sickens me.
  • 30% Bad and 70% Good.

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee can be funny at times and it can be stupid at times most episodes dont make any sence at all,but The Life and Times of Juniper Lee still rules,its not the worst not the best not the second best but great i dont watch The Life and Times of Juniper Lee that much but its still cool.
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is not only a big waste of time, but a big rip off of 2 excellent Disney shows

    I am going to be honest here, and say that seeing commercials for this show it looked promising. The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is about a girl named Juniper having to protect the world from magical creatures from another world. There is already a huge problem with the premise. It sounds very similar to American Dragon: Jake Long on Disney Channel. Now I can overlook a rip off when it has its own uniqueness, but this show fails to do that. The characters are all terrible, and rip offs of American Dragon as well. The only difference is that unlike American Dragon where the characters have great personalities, and back stories everyone in this show is generic and stereotypical with little to no back story to them. You have a generic goth girl, a stereotypical girl who wants to be the best at everything, run of the mill jerk older brother, and the parents who are neglectful, but caring. The grandma is like Grandpa from American Dragon, but is not as great as him, and is lazy. The dog who talks is similar to Fu, but only gives wise cracks instead of helping most of the time. Ray Ray is like Hayley, but very annoying and lacks any development at all. Juniper Lee though has to be the worst character on this show. Juniper is like Jake Long except a female, and despite her having magic she doesn't seem to use it, and instead uses fighting movies. I also want to point out that Juniper fighting evil reminds me of another Disney show Kim Possible. Jumpier has the same hairdo as Kim, and even some of the fighting moves look similar to the show. So not satisfied with ripping off American Dragon the creators decided to steal another good show. Just how desperate were these creators. I am surprised that Disney didn't sue CN for this rip off. The stories are OK, but nothing too special or creative that makes them watchable. The monsters themselves look ridiculous. They look like carnival monster doll rejects, and some even look like the My Pet Monster toy from the 1980s. For a show about magical creatures it fails to show what these creatures really are. The artwork is terrible to look at. While the set designs are OK the characters look odd, and not in a good way. Everyone's face is stretched out for some reason, and look horrific, and the character designs look unoriginal and terribly drawn. The animation is choppy, and stiff most of the time. The humor this show tries to use is just pathetic, and nothing more. Every attempt at humor falls flat, and fails to make me smile at these "jokes". The only saving grace of this show is that in got canceled a little over a year, and there are no reruns so it won't ever haunt TV again. Juniper Lee is just one of the worst attempts to cash in on the American Dragon show. The premise is terrible, the characters are awful and lack depth, the humor is dreadful, the artwork is bizarre, the monsters look terrible, and the show steals directly form 2 better shows you could be watching. If by some cruel twist of fate this show comes on again then avoid it at all costs, and let it remain forgotten.
  • *puts up shield* I'm gonna get shot with fire arrows for this, but...

    *puts up shield* I'm probably going to get like fifty-something thumbs down for this--but, I like June and don't see it as a copy of American Dragon or a waste of time. If this show stood on it's own, would you despise it as much? Ray-Ray's adorable, Monroe--sounds more like a cousin of Fu Dog than a copy of him; plus June and her friends aren't as annoying as Jake and his friends were. The artwork is fluid and clear, and it sounds like an awesome Kung Fu girl-centered show. Give this show a chance, and if you don't like it, don't watch it.

    -holds up shield and waits for the arrows-
  • Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    This is the best show in the entire history of humanity!!!!!!!!!!.And you guys dont like it because is not an anime and has no Jonas Brothers,Hannah Montana an no Justin "Boobie" in it.You all just like TV shows with cute boys and girls that can sing and are super stupid.You guys dont have the least bit of imagination and behave just like the girls of the school that i am going(i am going to change to other school when July vacations are over,because here in Brazil we dont go to school in July).The girls in my school are super stupid and only think about boys and clothes and makeup!
  • Meh... The idea is good, yet it's just something wrong with it....

    Title: I'm tired of all those long titles who are hard to remember anyway. Couldn't a short "Juniper Lee" do?

    Theme song: 7/10

    Art: Could be WAY better, yet it's pretty good comparing to the other trash on both CN and Jetix.

    Voices: BAD! Ama and Monroe are neutral. Rayray is annoying and looks just like having a voice mutation(wich doesn't happen in his age yet). Yet, the main face - a butt kicking girl with style has the most horrible voice in the XXI century. Seriously her voice sounds like Boomer from that %*@!$ cartoon PPG (damn, I hate that cartoon!).

    Humour: in some rare cases it's pretty good, yet fart and clishe american jokes rate this show "LAME" on all it's glory.

    Story: a mean heartless girl kicks magical creatures butts. Well, it's really cruel, but (thank god) original as well.

    Characters: (look above). Then here's her annoying bro with a stupid name, her scotish dog who is underapreciated and treated like dirt almost all the time. And a grandmother who is to lazy to help the new te-x-cua-no-zee (Yeah, I don't know what that means either!).

    In conclusion: dispite having a terrible voice, underapreciated dog and some minor rude jokes I rate this show "pretty good, I guess"...
  • This show could have been one of the best ever, but the producers beg to differ.

    The commercials for this show looked good and the plot sounded cool as well, so I decided to give it a try. Ouch.
    First of all, how is a little 11 year old girl beating up fifty feet tall monsters in about 2 seconds? Are they even attempting to defend themselves?

    Plot: Terrible ideas. The stupidest one I saw was one about a mummy...that ws running a reasturaunt!? Seriously, people...

    Voice acting: Average.

    Dialogue: Below average.

    Humor: I have no clue if this show is even attempting to be funny or not.

    Animation: Not as crappy as many shows but still bad.

    Characters: Not loveable or even likable, forgettable.

    Overall: Thank God this show has been canceled.
  • Fairly good show

    When I first started watching this show, I have to say I was disappointed. The comedy was terrible, the fight scenes were predictable, and the morals were usually lacking. However, as the show progressed, it got better. Comedy was easier to laugh at. Action was more abundant. And mysteries were easier to get involved in. Even though his show was cancelled due to low viewership, I guess what I'm trying to say is that,in the end , this show was actually pretty good. I think that the ending that it got wasn't exactly a noteworthy way for the show to go. But it did do a fair job of ending things.
  • A show teeming with humor and action.

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is an extremely creative show. The life of the te Xuan Ze must not be easy, and June shows it. Along with her smart aleck dog, Monroe, and her cute little brother, Juniper works hard to save the day and maintain the order. This show deserves quite a bit more show time then on Sundays.
  • Truely a classic! This show and it's clever writing are sure to be a hit for all time. cartoon network better not drop the ball with this show. This is Laura Jill Miller's best work to date.

    You know I like this show. I really really like it, this is one of the few show the whole family lines up in fromt of the tv to watch. The story follows a basic formula, and it is best described as Buffy meets Powerpuff girls. Laura Jill Miller leads a talent ensemble of voice actors who truely bring thier charachters to life.
    Juniper lee is a charachter we can all relate too , trying to be a normal girl with an extraordinary life we see her deal with this special life with a wit and attitude that is both entertaining and like a train wreck to watch! I also like how this show reunites Larua jill miller with collen O'Shaushessy, who previously worked together on Digimon as Kari and Sora.
    NOt only does Juniper face her destiny with a spunk and the care of a brhama bull, The villians are also halarious to date, But if Juniper is not careful, her show will be stolen by her little brother ray ray!, and the chinese breed dog with a scottish accent, Monroe. Of which I do hope they explain his origins.
    In closing, this is one of the best shows on cartoon network to date. I really hope it sees the sucess it so richly deserves.
  • Juniper Lee Can Kick But & Still Look Hot!

    Juniper Lee Kinda Makes Kim Possible Look Like An Ameteur. I Mean Kim Just Goes Around Fightin' Humans While June Goes Around Kicking Monster Butt. If Kim Has To Defeat A Monster, She'd Probably Get Whooped Before She Can Even Lay One Finger On It. She Doesn't Even Use Spell Or Summon A Monster To Help Her Out. June, On The Other Hand,Is A Pro.
  • It's the best new kid's show in a long time. It's like BUFFY THEW VAMPIRE SLAYER for the little ones.

    This show is funny for both kids and grown ups, SMART and just so damned pretty to look at. It doesn't go for all the lame toilet humor that festers all over kids TV. It's really about the characters.
    It's the BEST show I've seen in a long time.

    I'm impressed with the design of show. Where as most children's cartoons seem to beinteresred in making their charcaters and look INTENTIONALLY ugly, this one is old school. It looks like old Warner BRothers. cartoons.

    And the writing is really great. They manage, just as Bugs Bunny did, to make jokes that hit for adults as well as kids. Even now and again sliding in references that the older folks will have to pass along.

    It also is exciting. It has great action as well as jokes. A RARITY.

    a find, if there ever was one.

  • Juniper Lee is an awesome show for kids [seven and up (Rated Y7)] and I think it should stay there for at least a few more years.

    Juniper Lee is kind of a good mixture between Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and Adventure. Despite me missing a new episode every Sunday (possibly because I'm always going out at night or am too distracted with something else, like the computer, for instance), it is a kinda funny cartoon with a shot of exciting adventure mixed together. This cartoon to me is number 3 out of at least over 10 cartoons/anime, next to Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2nd) and the (actual 4th) kinda notorious, occasionally sexist Billy and Mandy. I gave this show a 10 of 10, and I hope this show lasts.
  • June's got style and flair, and the Dragon approves....

    This show is really enjoyable. At first it starts off slow and pretty much basic, but then you\'re introduced to a series that isn\'t what you expect it to be.

    It\'s very funny.

    The dialogue of the characters (especially the exhanges between June and villains) are hilarious. And the personalities they give them - lol. Thor is awesome, seeing him as he is on the show.

    I like how they don\'t touch a lot of Asian stereotypes too. June acts like how any normal girl would, regardless of ethnicity.

    The Am Drag give June 4 stars, ya heard!

    Peace Out!
  • This show is an complete piece of garbage. There is nothing good about this show. There is nothing in there that sparks any interest to me nor anyone. The show looks really, really, really, really clicue. I hope this show will never make it to another sea

    Who the heck even thought of this garbage? There is no good value in it at all. The whole show is very clicue. The plot is really bad and never carrys over any good story. There is no real/Bad character devolopement and no personalities for any of the characters. There is nothing original in the theme at all. My guess some ideas are pretty much ripe-offs of shows, etc. In my prediction I do not think the show will ever make it in the future and hopefully will be off air forever.
  • Juniper is an eleven year old with the job of fighting monsters only a few people can see. While that seems unoriginal, it isn't.

    Juniper Lee is my favorite show on television, next to Firefly. After the of Dave the Barbarian, this show is the only edifice of intellectual humor. That's what this show is: intellectual. It's smart, witty and totally crazy. The cast of characters is smart and fun. Juniper is an eleven year old way ahead of her age, filled to the brim with wisecracks and insults. One thing about this show is that it is not an action show. The action can be interesting, and it moves the plot along, but I watch it for the fun of seeing an insulting Scottish dog, a hyper-active eight year old and a super powered prepubescent beat the tar out of the forces of evil. The best thing about the show is that it never takes itself too seriously. What with the aforementioned Scottish talking dog who always has an insult loaded on full automatic. I knew the show was special with the first episode, and I am so thankful it exists. Cartoon Network will be in pain. Lots, and lots, of pain.
  • Wonderful, funny show with strong female lead.

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee is derivative of other shows like Buffy and Kim Possible, but -- like those shows -- it also features a strong female lead, clever writing and dialogue, and a likeable and funny cast of characters. Great for both older and younger kids, and fun for their parents as well!
  • This is the show that will define the future of animation. It's laugh your guts up funny with action that is just below Teen Titans standard

    This is the show that will define the future of animation. It's laugh your guts up funny with action that is just below Teen Titans standard.

    The animation itself is beautiful. Crisp, well drawn, and excellently colored.

    And I’ve only heard better voice acting in movies. Laura Jill Miller, (Juniper) Kath Soucie (Ray Ray) and Carlos Alazraqui (Monroe) Are amazing.

    But though these thing give the show life. The backbone of the whole thing is the writing. Witty, Intelligent, Filled with little bits of Pop culture, and slapstick. I can’t watch a whole episode without laughing.

    So I will continue to watch Jun- Because it’s one of the best shows out there.

  • it decen but it need somthing like teenage juniper lee!! JAKE LONG SUCKS

    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must have seen the show more than once . I encourage you to try to give juniper lee a chance it's just starting the first time--you may choose to hate it but by doing so, you will be ethier a jake long fan or you hate action/conedy shows. We encourage you to write your review in a good way the cast is cute and the idea is great but she need to be older for sex appeal to me the girl is like the badass of the girl heroes and how many people like there job that much i mean unlike jake she has a life and want to live it she's cute and cool
    and it way better than that annoying disney crap
    american jackass: jake long!!!
  • Why does everyone hate this show? Sure, a lot of shows have saving the world plot but some are better than others!

    I love this show a lot! I wish people would give this show a chance! I've seen American Dragon Jake Long so I can see the resemblances. The characters are Asian, have grandparents that help them and even talking dogs and etc! But that doesn't mean it's not worth watching! I think American Dragon Jake Long and Juniper Lee both rock! How can anyone not like Ophelia? She's my new favorite cartoon character ever since Mandy!
  • It's doing perfectly, but of course there are one or two things that could have some tunning.

    The show is comical and good in animation, but it could express climactic changes with characters such as the Clayface episodes of the newest Batman series, The Batman, like if Ray Ray recieved this curse that cannot be lifted, and he turns into a glorified monster.
    And say if he got this curse from joining in a battle with his sister, he would then want to destroy June, becuase she would somehow have been the cuase of him getting the horrible curse. Of course, when he is defeated, he dissapears without a trace, then we see June missing him, THAT'S DRAMATIC! Also, when June defeats the monster, we never usually see him/her again, but if we do see them again, then we can relate to them. If that stuff is put into the show, then i wouldn't give it a ten, i would give it an ELEVEN (if that was actually possible).
  • The show is all about an 11-year-old girl named Juniper Lee who has been chosen as the next Te Xuan Ze. Her purpose is to make sure that monsters and demons of all shapes and sizes do not cause any trouble among our realm.

    I like this show for one reason. You want to know? It stars Lara Jill Miller as the title role! I knew her since her first voice acting career in Digimon: Digital Monsters, where she stars as Kari Kamiya, younger sister of the lead character Tai Kamiya. I mean, I've enjoyed watching a lot of Japanese animation, but when Lara moved on to this series and other anime shows, I couldn't get enough of hearing her voice (since I always picture Juniper as Kari)! The whole saving-the-world bit may be boring at times, but it is worth it!
  • I'm not gonna say that it's an intelligent show... coz it's not! I can't even say that action in it is on a good level. So can someone tell why did it sucked me in so much?!

    What can I say. Basically, the idea is simple: it's a story of an eleven-year-old Asian girl named Juniper (June for short), who became the guardian of balance between our world and the magic world. As such, she has to fight all sorts of "demons" and thanks to that she experiances many, unique adventures. In her battles she's not alone however, as at her side there is always her younger brother Ray-Ray, who accidentally can see the magical creatures as well and can't get enough of them and Monroe a dog whose knowledge about the magical world is extremely wide.
    The three of them go through the series of incredible and usually funny adventures, facing the "other world" meanies.
    What can I say: if you liked Buffy and you enjoy a good laugh (and you don't mind a cartoon) this show should fit you.
  • What's with all the hate towards this show?

    I'm not sure why so many people hate this show. It's one of the funniest shows on Cartoon Network. Maybe it's because they can't take it seriously. However, I think that's what's good about it. It meant to be funny. When the hillbilly mummy, Comeingettit is is name I believe, I rolled over laughing. The show just throws out humor that is completely unexpected. It's not supposed to be taken seriously.

    The characters are also pretty original. I like Monroe's accent. I really like the monsters in the show, though. They usually happen to be the funniest characters. I liked the the monster convention. I also like the Sandman, though I don't remeber what his name is. They're just so funny.

    There is also little stereotyping among the characters. Let's take Markus, for example. It's nice to see a popular and good looking kid who isn't a snob. It really make for stronger characters. Anyways, this is a good show. I just wish it could be more popular.
  • Why do you hate this show? I love Juniper Lee!!

    Ever since this Cartoon Network series came to television, I've been meaning to find a new show about a Chinese girl with special powers. She is able to see any magical creatures right before her eyes, including her little brother Ray Ray. Juniper keeps both worlds of humanity and magic at peace. It's her responsiblity as the Te Xuan Ze. I really love to watch this show more than any other series on Cartoon Network. I don't know why some hate this very much. I think Juniper Lee is totally cute.
  • Anyone who calls this unoriginal and a copy of American Dragon dose not know how long it takes to make animations.

    Anyone who calls this unoriginal and a copy of American Dragon dose not know how long it takes to make animations. It is next to impossible to get funding write the scripts and complete the first episode in less than 4 months let alone have weekly episodes there after. So basically they were under production at the same time and my guess as to why American Dragon launched first is that Disney is quicker to get things to market. If there is a common genesis to these shows it would be The Jack Chan Adventures. As to the other similarities since they started production about the same time; who knows maybe it was a bet and two sets of writers were given the same tag line and the two shows were the result. Now on to the program it self in my opinion The Life and Times of Juniper Lee had better writers than American Dragon the comedy is much better and is on the par with The Fairly Odd Parents I was very disappointed when Cartoon Network dropped it. I rate shows based on how many times I can watch the same episode and I can repeatedly view The Life and Times of Juniper Lee more than once. All in all it is a quality show but if you need your humor beat in your head with a brick this show may not be for you.
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