The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 11

Take My Life, Please

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 07, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

June is fighting when a girl named Ashley comes in to help. Ashley is thrilled to meet Juniper Lee. They introduce each other. Ray Ray and Monroe are impressed with Ashley. Ashley says that she is on the look for a Baguano Monster. June decides to help her. Ashley summons Snickerdoodle, her pony. They fly for a while and land. When they land, Ashley runs a location scan. A monster attacks them and Ashley handles it. When the Baguano disapperas, they have to wait for a few days. So, Ashley stays with June and the gang. The next morning, they all go to the arcade where Ashley whoops Roger's butt at an arcade game. Ophelia high fives Ashley for beating him. June is shocked because Ophelia hates to high five and hates to giggle. June is then called to take care of another monster. Ashley follows and Ashley handles the monster. June cannot take it anymore so she lets Ashley be the Te Xuan Ze from now on. Monroe finds out and is concerned about the situation. June heads over to Ophelia's and Ashley is already there playing a board game with them. June then gets called by Ah-Ma because hse is up to her neck in complaints from monsters. June thinks nothing is wrong. When June is aout to go tan, a monster jumps in the lake and floods the area. At the movies, thre monsters block June's way and she cannot see. When she gets ice cream, a monster hits her in the back of the head and her face falls in her ice cream. While skateboarding, she nearly runs over a monster but instead she falls off her skateboard. June heads to her room when to monsters come in to see her. They tell her three stories about attacking monsters. She brushes the first two off like they were a piece of cake. But when she hears about a Fustertroll eating a cookie, she goes into action. June calls Ashley and yells at her for turning the Fustertroll into a thirty foot monster that turns everything to stone. The Fustertroll is turninf everything to stone. Ashley joins June for the fight but none of Ashley's attacks are working. June then shirnks the beast to regular size. Then, she wants back her Te Xuan Ze duties. The Baguano appears and Ashley heads of to find it. At the end, June and Monroe agree that Ashley was ok, but stunk in the Te Xuan Ze area. Ray Ray, on the other hand, misses Ashley.