The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 1 Episode 11

Take My Life, Please

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 07, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • June beats Ashley anyday!

    If you ask me, Ashley is a little too sugar-coated for my liking. She even made friends with Ophelia! It's even a miracle Jody is friends with her, but I guess if *she is, then it shouldn't be too hard for her either. How could a girl as 'sickly sweet' as Ashley like a huge rock band?! June would so be a way better Te Xuan Ze than her. Ashley will cuddle with anything that moves, and was even dumb enough to feed a Fuster Troll a cookie! Thank goodness June came to the rescue(as always) otherwise, who knows what would've happened! But other than that it was a pretty good episode, June kicks butt and looks good doin' it!
  • Awesomely sweet.

    Take My Life, Please was a good episode. Why? Well, i got to see June in her swimsuit for the first time. I had a felling that sometime in one of the episodes that they would show June in a swimsuit. Though the thought of June getting replaced by an annoyance is painful, no one can kick butt the way she does.
  • Ashely, another magic wielder, stops by Orchid Bay City and clashes with June's lifestyle in a very cute way. Hilarty ensues...

    This episode was very enjoyable. At first I had the feeling it was going to be another 'Adorable girl comes, is actually evil, does something and then at the end all is fixed', but it wasn't...I was expecting her to turn heel throughout the show. It was hilarious.

    I especially like June living out her normal life and the dialogue from Monroe and Ray Ray...
  • A cute young sorceress named Ashley comes to town and aid June in capturing the Baguano, but does her magic too well. June hands her position of Te Xuan Ze over to her and think everything will be fine as an ordinary girl, but it isn't!

    This episode was the neatest I've seen seen far. The Ashley character was so cute with her curly locks, T-shirt and tutu doing the magical stuff, I thought 'She should she be a semi-regular!'. The funninest bits were when the monsters constantly interrupt June's new-found "ordinary civilian" lifestyle and gets a chew-out via cellphone by her Ama! The winged pink pony was a showstopper, too. Like I said before, "Ashley" should be a semi-regular! She's SO cute!!