The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 10

Te Xuan Me?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Starring Ray Ray Lee, the Te Xuan Ze

    That episode was pretty interesting. Ray Ray wanted to be a hero so badly. We all got to see Ray Ray as the Te Xuan Ze. Dennis played the part as the foolish helper. What’s strange enough is that Monroe can talk to Dennis. Anyway, Ray Ray took this Te Xuan Ze responsibility really well because he wanted some excitement in his life. However, he still wants to be with Juniper on his adventures. The evil demon who froze June and her friends in crystallized cryogenics was the same guy who stole the dragon eggs. Ray Ray was very tough to stand up against Freddy. The young Te Xuan Ze, Dennis and Monroe went to rescue June and the others. They fought against the Time Wraiths and freed the original Te Xuan Ze. The whole episode was just a dream while June went on a field trip. Too bad for Ray Ray, he forgot to have his parent or legal guardian to sign the permission slip. But it was nice to see what life will be like if Ray Ray was the Te Xuan Ze.

    I was going to vote this episode as a “Dream sequence” or “Alternate reality.” But after the episode ended with Ray Ray awakened from his greatest dream about being the protector between two separate worlds of humanity and magic, this would be an alternate reality. I hope Judd Winick brings in more new episodes soon. I just can’t get enough of Juniper Lee.