The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 3 Episode 3

Water We Fighting For?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 30, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Underwater Adventure

    Summer is one of my two favorite seasons after spring. June, Ray Ray and her friends are at the beach having fun under the sun. I got to see June and Ophelia surf. June finds out why Orchid Bay is under such destruction and why it was tipping over. The corporate executives were harvesting magic water from underground. June had to go underwater as a sea creature and warn the people of Atlantica about their homes that are going to be above the surface. King Agatorius refuses to stay underwater and unleashed his beast to attack June. She fought back and saved Orchid Bay from drowning. That is why I like this episode. It's too bad that June didn't wear a bikini in this episode, but maybe someday she will.
  • June's First Underwater Adventure

    For the first time in this series, June went onto an underwater adventure. We also learn that she loves to surf. It would have been much cooler to see June in her bikini from a previous episode of the first season. But this episode was great anyways. June drank the potion and transformed into a green sea creature. The magical water she had to recover from the corporate people tastes different than the normal water; it belongs to the magical sea creatures. June tries to convince the sea people to help, but she has to fix this issue on her own, and she did. She took the enchanted trident from the sea king, and sticks it onto the dry ground where she popped out. Luckily, Ray Ray assists by pretending to protest for the protection of the rarest species; the Burping Snails. Everybody else assumes it was an actual protest. June has no idea what’s a Burping Snail.

    I enjoy swimming and surfing as much as June does. I’m also take pleasure in underwater quests. I really hope to see June in her bikini someday.
  • A very good esipode June goes underwater to save her world and the fish people world and we see her in a bikini very very very cool and i just turn 16 and i still like cartoons and i still hate degrassi and 50 cent anyway great esipode this esipode

    June was just chillin and kick it with her friends and family when the city of orchid bay is sinking due to the drilling of a cooperation bottle water company man forget the protesting and all that lame ol s*** just whoop they behind if they to doggone cooperation to listen dang cooperation and they expensive suits and they snot nose behind siblings and june have to go underwater to save her world and the fish people world from sinking and the funny part about this esipode is when june elbow monroe into the water after he said not to talk about nothing can go wrong
    this series is getting better by the minute keep up the good work,judd winick and i can't wait to see your next masterpiece when feet too big when junes parents get kidnapped,good one
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