The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Season 2 Episode 11

Welcome Bat Otter

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Welcome Bat Otter
Monsters are scared for this menace and June can't to do something against it, now the only hope is the anti bat otter kit sold by Skeeter Khommen-Ghetit.

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  • Bat Otter, the Rarest Magical Creature

    At the beginning of this episode, the monsters began to tremble in fear because of the arrival of the bat otters. The monsters believed that bat otters are extremely dangerous and vicious. June did some investigating to find out what a bat otter really is. It's also the second appearance of Skeeter Khommen-Getit, the mummy with a western accent and attitude. He used to be in the fast fodd franchise until he sold everything away to open up a new store selling anti-bat otter equipment. At the end, it turns out take a bat otter is insignificant and cute. That's why I consider this another great installment.moreless
  • What's a Bat Otter?

    Most creatures think a Bat Otter is an evil monster bent on destruction and turmoil. June has been asking every single magical creature what a Bat Otter looks like. Skeeter Khommen-Ghetit makes his second and last appearance in this episode selling anti-Bat Otter junk to the public. June, Ray Ray, and Monroe finally found out that a Bat Otter is just an otter with bat wings and is very small and cute. Thanks to the little Bat Otter, Skeeter will no longer be causing troubles for June. My favorite part was that Mylock the Destroyer keeps getting smacked by the boxer glove-in-the-box.moreless
  • Funny and smart.

    This is one of the best episodes of the series. Skeeter the huckster mummy with the West Texas drawl is back and this time he\'s simply out to make a dishonest buck. He convinces the monster community that they\'re under threat from the horrific Bat Otter, then opens a Bat Otter Defense Emporium selling overpriced junk. When June tries to expose his scam, Skeeter first tries to discredit her, then tries to destroy her. Skeeter\'s flim-flammery is funny, and the bits on TV Newscasts are a howl (Think about it, when you were Ray-Ray\'s age, did you ever question what you saw on the television? No wonder the poor boy is confused). This episode is so funny, and demonstrates why this series is in a class by itself.moreless
  • Skeeter Khoman Getit is back and the monster community is in pandemonium after the elusive 'bat otter' is loose in Orchid Bay, and possibly in huge numbers...

    If I can name the perfect episode for Juniper Lee, this would be it...Skeeter's performance this time around was off the charts, and never have I laughed so much at a single episode than this one...

    The fight with Jethro was amazing, and the reference to 'Jaws' was a nice touch...we all love June pounding her enemies to pulp...

    Everything, from the tv edits to the way Skeeter controlled the crowd with his fast talking and June's questioning of the community was great...

    Best episode so far for this it!moreless
  • One of the most funny chapters, maybe in part due skeeter

    I like this episode due how fun is, maybe is because Skeeter is a character funny that gives problems to June. Another detail is because it shows a parody of how people react to rumors, nobody saw a bat other and everyone was scared of they, How is possible to fear something have you not saw?, is like Teddy Roosevelt say "The only thing we must to fear is the fear itself", and that makes them to buy Skeeter's kit and ruin June's reputation, of couse nobody though how June could fight against something nobody saw, and also, is the only Juniper episode that have a premiere out of the United States.moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Skeeter Khommen-Ghetit / Mylock the Destroyer

Recurring Role

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