The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Oct 04, 2007 In Season


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Janey (Harriet Thorpe), a journalist from Daily Mail, informs Jared that she has evidence of him at a gay party where a young rent boy fell off a balcony and died. Miriam comes up with ideas for damage limitation. However, The Vivienne Vyle Show is being broadcast live to mark the end of the season and at the end of the show, Vivienne does an unexpected piece to camera about the party and brings Jared on to admit he is an alcoholic, but does not mention he is gay. She then says she was abused as a child and, as the live show ends, gets a warm welcome from the audience.moreless
    • 1.6
      Episode 6
      This time it is Jared who is the center of attention as a journalist for The Daily Mail is sniffing out proof of his attendance at a wild gay party where a teenage rent boy died. As Miriam conducts damage control, The Vivienne Vyle Show readies for the special final show of the year, the first ever live Vivienne Vyle Show.moreless
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      The morning after their success at the TV Pick Awards, the crew of The Vivienne Vyle Show discuss the after-show party. When she wakes up, Vivienne feels dizzy and is unable to walk. A video conference is then held with Dr. Jonathan and Helena at the studio and Vivienne and Jared at their house. Jonathan manages to 'cure' Vivienne, who appears to have been suffering from psychological problems. During the conference, Jonathan and Helena, unbeknown to anyone else, kiss passionately.moreless
    • 1.5
      Episode 5
      The morning after the TV-Pick awards Vivienne cannot get out of bed. She is faint, sick, and uncharacteristically absent from work for the day. Concerned, Dr. Jonathan and Helena teleconference with her at home though Jared is more of a hindrance than a help as he fawns over Vivienne and complains that she shouldn't be bothered. No worries though, Dr. Jonathan determines that Vivienne's problems are psychological and sets out to fix her. Dr. Jonathan and Helena share a secret kiss.moreless
    • 1.4
      Episode 4
      The Vivienne Vyle Show is nominated for a TV-Pick award.
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Vivienne and Jared argue in the morning over the plumbing and she then goes off for an interview with a tabloid journalist who calls her a "one-trick pony" and Jared a "kept man". Vivienne goes to work and then on to a production meeting. Helena throws her mobile phone at Carol while Jonathan is after his own show. When she gets home, Jared has failed to fix the plumbing.moreless
    • 1.3
      Episode 3
      Vivienne and Jared start the day arguing about plumbing problems and Vivienne runs out the door before Jared can do his customary argument-ending ritual: ringing a bell like a train porter. This is only the beginning of a bad day for Vivienne, who starts the day off with an interview with a tabloid vampire that calls her a washed up weather girl and a one trick pony in addition to calling Jared "a kept man". High strung Helena, upset that her actress sister won a Hollywood film role, throws her cell phone- which intersects with Carol's forehead.moreless
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Vivienne decides she needs to revive her show, and attempts to copy the style of her rival Chris Connor by speaking to the audience. However, none of the audience talk to her. Vivienne then has a meeting to discuss the show's image with two promotion experts, Joshua and Rose. After little success at the meeting, she sacks them and seeks the advice of Miriam. Following her advice, she makes a personal appearance at a cash and carry in Slough.moreless
    • 1.2
      Episode 2
      Vivienne decides that she needs to be more like her talk show rival, Chris Connor, a host who is engaging, charming, and adored by his audience- everything that Vivienne is not.
    • Episode 1.1
      Episode 1
      We are introduced to Vivienne Vyle and her Jerry Springer-esque style chat show. Whilst on her show she reveals the negative result of a paternity test to which the wronged man starts a ruckus leading to an overweight security guard falling on Vivienne, sending her straight to the hospital. We meet her behind the scenes crew- Helena, the producer from hell whose baby only speaks Spanish because she spends more time with her nanny than her own mum, young show runner Abigail (who is sacked, reinstated, and never seen again after this episode), Dr. Jonathan Fowler, the show's new resident psychologist, Carol, the floor manager, Des, the show director, Damien, the show's researcher and the one responsible for "preparing" guests to go on stage, and last but not least, Jared, Vivienne's gay husband and biggest cheerleader.moreless