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  • Trying to be funny with use of rude humor, but fails in every way.

    Forced myself to watch, but i couldn't found one funny thing in the two episodes i watched. Witty is out of the window for this show. It just uses borderline humor. I personally can find more humor and wit in a bottle of ketchup. Comedy is not just putting people in embarrassing situations, and then waiting for people to laugh. The character of Tim is acting like he is not in the show. Anything that happens to him just bounces of and though that could be a good thing in some other show in this it just isn't. There is not one explanation why Tim's girlfriend just doesn't ditch him after the episode one, except that she is just a puppet of the screenwriters to express her reaction to all dumb things that happens to Tim, although she fails in that to. I won't talk about other characters because they are none existent.
    Saddest thing in all this is that the show will not improve in time because the crew and the cast probably thinks they are hilarious, and that the jokes are best pieces of writing ever. Sad, really sad.