The Lineup (1954)

CBS (ended 1960)





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  • The Lineup (San Francisco Beat)

    We received our first TV in 1952, I was 10 at the time. After 5pm the TV was the domain of the parents and what they wanted was what was watched. The Lineup was one of my dad's favorite shows and mom loved Arthur Godfrey (UGH!).

    In spite of all the broo-hah about Dragnet and Joe Friday at the time I thought the Lineup had superior acting to Dragnet; much of the dialog being monotone and obviously not scripted well.

    I liked the original theme song when it was a ZIV production; DesiLu reorchestrated and ruined it.
  • Lineup was one one of the best shows of the 50s. I liked it even better than Dragnet.

    Line up was always one of my favorite TV shows. However even if I hadn't of liked the show, I would have watched it anyway, just to see and hear Marshall Reed (Fred Asher) each week. He was soooo handsome and had such a d r e a m y voice. I still have the 8x10 glossy he send me in 1958 autographed, "Sincere Best Wishes - Marshall Reed." I do wish I could find more information on him as well as some photos. The few pictures of him anywhere on the Internet are not real good ones, but the one he sent me still makes me swoon. He really made the show, even though he didn't have a very big part.