The Listener

Season 2 Episode 2

Crime Seen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2011 on CTV

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  • Toby Tells All

    IIB need help or Michelle in seeing if one of her informant been made or not. Toby agreed to help out and finds out that he has indeed been made and is now in danger. Toby also later tells Michelle that he reads minds and gives her a test to prove it. Compare to season one this is more serious, they all experience the downside of what can happen if things go wrong especially Toby. This isn't party tricks to him anymore this is a tool to save lives and he believes that 100%. The only weird thing is him being EMS which in this episode he hardly did any EMS work except for 1min in the beginning of the episode. In this show there is a lot of time gaps unaccounted for, they won't get away with for long. They would have to fix it and bring some realism in this show when it comes to time, you can't be everywhere and do everything. Doing EMS and Crime Solving (Red Flag), or he has a double some where. Other than that well nice episode jokes are even funnier, love the atmosphere of the show.
  • Crime Scene

    What is the song (with a heavy beat) title and who is the singer?
  • The IIB comes to Toby ...

    This episode felt ... uneven. There were some odd scene choices, in my opinion. The opening scene with Toby on the motorcycle heading in to work felt as if there was supposed to be an opening monologue that was axed. Without a voice over, it seemed as if it was added in to pad out the episode - it didn't really contribute to the story at all. After the setup of the IIB case of the week, Sgt. McCluskey comes to Toby to see if he can help her like he helped Charlie Marks. I loved Toby's excuse for how he'd been able to help. He told the lie without blinking, but it becomes problematic when he obtains information that he'd never get from reading a face. And it's killing him that he was able to share it because it might have changed the way things turned out. Oz remains the loyal friend and voice of reason in this episode, encouraging Toby to go ahead and tell Sgt McCluskey that he's a telepath so that he doesn't have to hide information any more. It's obvious that whatever went down in the 18 months which passed since season one, it was rough on Toby and Oz is still worried about his friend. In the end, Toby tells, and the weight is lifted. I'm curious to see how we move forward.