The Listener

Season 3 Episode 3

Curtain Call

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2012 on CTV

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  • Can we get any worse - dialogue and plot!

    Could this episode be any worse? First of all why does everybody "fall" in love with Toby? Here we are with a sucessful pop/rap artist and by the end of the show the dismal dialogus and plot have progressed us to the final scene of her "swooning" all over him. Whats up with Oz? Why is he still there? What purpose does the ambulance have in the plot now that Toby has moved on to a "real macho" job? This show now has moved from a great story in season 1 to a crime show in season 3. Such a disappointment! Every week a new crime and every week a quick solve and move on! Boring as! Has Toby forgotten his Dr Love? His mother? His stolen brother? All we are now treated with is a flimsy who-done-it each week. Where is the back story? Where are character depth? We deserve more than this one dimensional story - return us to the reason we watched in the first place and that is SEASON 1!
  • Nice Story

    Aside form the rap music which just isn't my thing, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It's my favorite of the new season. I'm glad they've found ways to keep Toby and Oz involved and the neighbor thing sounds perfect. It is amazing though, how far from it's roots this show has moved. Except for the characters, a person could easily think Seasons 1 and 3 are from different shows. I'm not complaining, I just find it most unusual.

    I thought the storyline this week was well done and Fefe Dobson did a terrific job playing Jade. I always enjoy shows that have some deeper meaning to them and here Toby, who is very real and down to earth, is able to earn the trust of a person who lives in a fake world and has erected high walls to keep herself safe. It's sad that this happens a lot in our world.

    I loved how Toby, by just being himself, gave Jade space to take down some of her walls and open up to him and accept his help. Come to think of it, Oz had to do the same thing - drop his macho walls and accept Toby's help in finding himself a place to live.